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       The absolute fraud,

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         banks, corporate

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      04 December 2009











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 US drones kill nearly 50 in single day. . . . . UK backs bid to overturn ban on cluster bombs. . . . . UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears. . . . . No smoking gun: IAEA Iranian nuclear report falls flat on its face. . . . . UN: Afghan opium production up by 61%. . . . . Did We Overthrow Gaddafi Just to Replace Him with Al Qaeda?. . . . . Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now marching straight into the globalist trap. . . . . 1 Through 30 – The Coming U.S. Financial Crisis By The Numbers. . . . . 177 Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested. . . . . The Militarization of Your Local Police. . . . . 10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History . . . . . DOJ: Make It a Federal Crime to “Lie” on the Internet. . . . . Justice Breyer warns of Orwellian government. . . . . Big Brother Considers Tracking Drivers’ Every Move. . . . . Girl, 13, left in 'waking coma' and sleeps for 23 hours a day after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs. . . . . Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children. . . . . Water Fluoridation War: Government Admits Dangers, Experts Speak Out. . . . . Matt Cardle: '9/11 attacks were a conspiracy'.                                                                                                                                                                    .

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                      Old Headlines

                       (From other sources)



                                                  War & Globalisationl



New euro 'empire' plot by Brussels

European Union chiefs are drawing up plans for a single “Treasury” to oversee tax and spending across the 17 eurozone nations.

US plot to wage Syria war revealed

British bombs, destroy and rebuild

Britain that has spent almost £300 million to destroy Libya's infrastructure is vying to win lucrative deals worth almost £200 billion to rebuild the North African state.

US drones kill nearly 50 in single day

reports have shown that most of the people killed in the drone strikes are civilians.

The Obama administration’s human rights hypocrisy continues

UK backs bid to overturn ban on cluster bombs

Campaigners say US-led proposals to water down global ban give a 'green light' to use the weapons

Fall back! British remaining 20,000 troops begin withdrawal from Germany 65 years after defeating Hitler

Force was left in place to deter Soviet advance from the East

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

Libya militia 'terrorises' pro-Gaddafi town of Tawargha

Militias from the Libyan city of Misrata are "terrorising" displaced residents of the town of Tawargha over their alleged loyalty to Muammar Gaddafi, says a rights group.

Americans increasingly comparing Afghan war to Vietnam

NATO hunting season in full swing

The country has had enough of deception. It's time to close the yawning gap between the ruling and the ruled

So the Mail has a simple proposal: let there be a single-question referendum, asking the public if we wish to reclaim powers from Brussels, yes or no.

There Never Was an Egyptian Revolution

Eight months after deposing the old despot, Egypt is now in the firm grip of a new and improved military dictatorship

The EU's architects never meant it to be a democracy

The rise of a "technocracy" was always part of the plan for Europe.

US 'kill team' trial: jury considers Calvin Gibbs verdict

A military jury is considering its verdict in the trial of a US soldier accused of leading a "kill team" in Afghanistan which murdered unarmed civilians and collected body parts as war trophies.

No smoking gun: IAEA Iranian nuclear report falls flat on its face

According Washington experts, the much hyped IAEA nuclear intelligence estimate promised to deliver the smoking gun that could somehow turn into a mushroom cloud, but in fact, the report contained nothing more than pedestrian observations baked in with existing speculative western pro-war innuendo on the development of Iranian nuclear weapons.

Iran 'is ready for war': Tehran vows to retaliate if Israel and the West attack nuclear plants

‘Gulf countries conspiring to topple Assad'

There is a conspiracy involving regional powers that is aimed at overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria, warned Beirut-based political analyst Kamel Al Wazne.

Prince of Wales: a private individual's effective veto over public legislation

'The meddling prince' and officials from his £700m private estate have scrutinised a dozen bills on their way through parliament

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack

Herman Cain Courts War Criminal Globalist Henry Kissinger

Establishment Republican presidential contender Herman Cain asked Rockefeller globalist Henry Kissinger to join his administration, but the aging former Secretary of State turned down the former Kansas City Federal Reserve director.

Obama signs-off on permanent US military presence in Australia

Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar

UN: Afghan opium production up by 61%







Fake terror plots, paid informants: the tactics of FBI 'entrapment' questioned

Critics say bureau is running a sting operation across America, targeting vulnerable people by luring them into fake terror plots

Correcting the ‘fairy tale’: A NAVY SEAL’s account of how Osama bin Laden really died

'US main supporter of global terror'

Iran's Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar says the recent calls in the United States for the assassination of Iranian officials are indicative of the US sponsorship of international terrorism.

See No Al-Qaeda: The New York Times and Libya

The spotting of al-Qaeda’s black flag flying atop the Benghazi courthouse a few days ago sparked much excitement on the Internet regarding the role being played by the Islamic terror organization in post-Qaddafi Libya.

Did We Overthrow Gaddafi Just to Replace Him with Al Qaeda?





                                                      Money & Banking   



Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy.

Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now marching straight into the globalist trap

It was inevitable that a movement which has struggled to agree on a manifesto, would in the end, do the bidding of the very elite globalist powers that they are demonstrating against to begin with.

Blame the Fed for the Financial Crisis

To know what is wrong with the Federal Reserve, one must first understand the nature of money.

35 Facts About The Gutting Of America’s Industrial Might That Should Make You Very Angry

1 Through 30 – The Coming U.S. Financial Crisis By The Numbers

The United States is drowning in a sea of red ink from coast to coast and most Americans have absolutely no idea what is about to happen. 





                                                         Police State  



We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former detective testifies

177 Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested

The Militarization of Your Local Police

 Local law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have increasingly become more militaristic in tactics and look in response to the wars on drugs and terror.

Police will have the right to fire rubber bullets on student protesters as they prepare for huge London demonstration

10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History

Denver Collects Fines On Drivers Who Stop At Red Lights

They are ticketed because their tire goes over the white line that marks where the vehicle should stop.

Does Anyone Still Doubt We Languish in a Police-State?

Militarized Police Forces Attack Occupy Camps

Magistrates condemn government plan to extend mandatory sentences

Kenneth Clarke's proposals seek to extend mandatory life sentences to an offence other than murder for the first time.

Police spies unit 'crossed the line', says Lord Macdonald

A major inquiry into the use of police spies in the protest movement was thrown into chaos late on Wednesday after the Guardian revealed damaging allegations that police officers had authorised their undercover agents to give false evidence in court.

Undercover police and the law: the men who weren't there

Undercover activist-provocateur police were authorised to use their fake names- even when under oath in court

Former CIA agent claims the military poisoned his family at Camp Stanley — and used national security concerns to cover it up

DOJ: Make It a Federal Crime to “Lie” on the Internet

DOJ Wants To Criminalize Uploading You Tube Videos





                                                       Big Brother



Big Brother taxis coming to Oxford

Brand new surveillance systems are being fitted in all taxis in the city of Oxford, to record the video and audio of passengers regardless of protests by civil liberties activists.

Rand Paul: Environmental Extremists Run Government

US court verdict 'huge blow' to privacy, says fomer WikiLeaks aide

Decision made to open Twitter account of Icelandic MP Birgitta Jonsdottir, who is taking the case to the Council of Europe

Justice Breyer warns of Orwellian government

A Supreme Court justice on Tuesday expressed major concerns that the government would engage in round-the-clock surveillance reminiscent of the totalitarian world of the George Orwell novel 1984 if the court ruled in the government's favor.

Wristband to enable phone to track your activity and sleep

Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones

Civil liberties group raises concerns over Met police purchase of technology to track public handsets over a targeted area

Wall Street Firms Spy on Protesters In Tax-Funded Center

$150 million of taxpayer money equips government facility to spy on law abiding citizens.

'Rogue websites' bill introduced in US House

US lawmakers introduced a bill on Wednesday that would give US authorities more tools to crack down on websites accused of piracy of movies, television shows and music and the sale of counterfeit goods.

Big Brother Considers Tracking Drivers’ Every Move

Canadian army spying on natives: Report

German Security Agencies Caught Planting Spyware on Private Computers

Big Brother bin searches double in a single year as councils snoop through the rubbish of 30,000 families

In some cases, inspectors divide the contents into 13 main categories and 52 sub-categories of waste

Gov't cameras in your car? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future

White House threatens veto over net neutrality

FOIA lawsuit reveals FBI collecting biometric information for massive interagency database





                                                    Science & Health



Girl, 13, left in 'waking coma' and sleeps for 23 hours a day after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs

Lucy Hinks is unable to walk or talk after having injections at school

Riddle of the radiation sweeping across Europe: UN nuclear agency mystified by soaring levels

GPs gave 15,000 children as young as five chemical cosh

Soaring numbers of children as young as five are being chemically coshed with antipsychotic drugs, an investigation by Channel 4 News has found.

US researchers and pharmaceutical companies conducting human experimentation in Africa

unethical and illegal human experimentation in Africa.

Government Ignored 1998 Report Finding up to 100 Cancer Deaths from TSA Naked Body Scanners Per Year

Truth comes out: 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic 'deaths' of children were actually caused by MRSA

It turns out that it most likely wasn't H1N1 alone that caused healthy children to become so ill many died.

Suncream may interfere with skin's natural defence to UV light

U.S. consumers urged to boycott 'cancer-risk' Johnson's baby shampoo

Concerns Are Raised About Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes

These mosquitoes are genetically engineered to kill — their own children.

Media pushes 'success' of experimental GSK malaria vaccine while ignoring deadly side effects

Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children

The Genetically Modified Food You Eat Every Day

GMO crops have infiltrated 80% of all the packaged food in the United States, and no one has told you. Here’s why.

The Government Wants to Seize Your Vitamins

Cousin of Queen Elizabeth II Says Abortion a Form of Eugenics

From tragedy to travesty: Drugs tested on survivors of Bhopal

In the second part of a special report, Nina Lakhani exposes how survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster became unwitting guinea pigs in studies funded by Western drug companies

TSA Backtracks On Body Scanner Radiation Study Promise

Cancer causing machines are formally banned throughout Europe

Radiation Spreads to France

Water Fluoridation War: Government Admits Dangers, Experts Speak Out




                                                     Global Warming 



Thousands dying because they can't afford heating bills... and green taxes are adding to the burden

Obama Praises Australia’s Draconian Carbon Tax

Businesses face million dollar fine merely for suggesting tax will cause higher prices








Occupy Building 7

One Million Viewers See Bob McIlvaine, Building 7 on France 3

Insiders voice doubts about CIA’s 9/11 story

Former FBI agents say the agency's bin Laden unit misled them about two hijackers

Matt Cardle: '9/11 attacks were a conspiracy'

X-Factor actor does not believe official version of events regarding the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001.

Al Qaeda in Yemen Call Ahmadinejad a 9/11 Truther

The latest edition of a glossy al Qaeda-run magazine is out, and it slams Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the equivalent of a Sept. 11 "truther"

      Al Qaeda versus Iran ‘War of Words”: 9/11 Truth Wielded as a Political Trump Card






Grade school in-class video or classified presidential briefing? CIA reveals videos it made to help Ronald Reagan

classified intelligence briefings for President Ronald Reagan.

Secrets Of Skull And Bones Blown Wide Open








                        Old Headlines

                                  (Click here for full news archive)






                                                      War & Globalisationl


U.S. increases Yemen drone strikes

Military whistleblower tells of 'indiscriminate' Israeli attacks

IDF soldiers enforcing a daylight curfew were ‘getting bored’ and started firing tear gas rounds at Palestinians villagers

U.S. Boots on the Ground in Libya, Pentagon Confirms

US drone strike kills four in Pakistan

A non-UN-sanctioned US airstrike has left at least four people dead and several others wounded in Pakistan's troubled tribal belt, Press TV reports.

Former Congressman: ‘I Saw NATO Troops Behead Libyans’

MI6 and British Government worked closely with Gaddafi's regime (and even helped him write his speeches)

Libyan commander demands apology over MI6 and CIA plot

Episode led to capture and torture of Abdul Hakim Belhaj and raises damaging questions about UK's knowledge of rendition

Western Oil Majors Will Get the First Crack at Libyan Oil Production

Report: Israel sends 2 warships to Egyptian border

U.S. Scrambles to Avert Palestinian Vote at U.N.

Eurozone crisis could rip EU apart: officials

Council of Europe demands truth on CIA 'black sites'

The human rights commissioner for the Council of Europe urged countries that have hosted secret CIA prisons to come clean Monday, as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

CIA Has Become “One Hell of a Killing Machine,” Official Says

Obama Widening War in Somalia







Libyan al-Qaeda Gets Seat at United Nations

Al-Qaida leader seeks credit for Arab spring

‘Al Qaida-linked group’ carried out latest terror western China attacks

FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US

US gives millions to the Taliban

A new report out of Washington estimates that around $360 million in US military money went into the hands of enemy insurgents in Afghanistan, including the Taliban.

Tripoli commander denies al Qaeda links… but admits fighting with them in Afghanistan

The Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria: Recruiting Jihadists to Wage NATO’s “Humanitarian Wars”

How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

How an al-Qaeda asset turned out to be the top Libyan military commander in still war-torn Tripoli.




                                                      Money & Banking   



US taxpayers could be on hook for Europe bailout

Massive default is best way to fix the economy

The 2nd Edge Of Modern Financial Repression: Manipulating Inflation Indexes To Steal From Retirees & Public Workers

Renowned Economist Warns Of Severe Depression Without “Massive New Stimulus”

Families hit by the biggest squeeze on incomes since Second World War... and there's years of pain ahead

Study shows powerful corporations really do control the world's finances

Bloomberg reveals massive corruption in the private Federal Reserve

When the mainstream media is reporting stories like this, you know it is so serious that it cannot be ignored, even if they wanted to.

Today Bloomberg has revealed that the “Wall Street Aristocracy” received a staggering $1.2 trillion in loans. Yes, you read that right: $1.2 trillion.




                                                         Police State  


3-Year-Olds Branded “Racist,” “Homophobic” Put In Government Database

US Constitution not applicable to veterans: Those unable to pay child support can end up jailed without trial 

Anger as Arizona prisons charge visitors $25 to see inmates to help plug budget shortfall

Amish farm banned from selling unpasteurised milk after sting operation by Feds 

An Amish farm in Pennsylvania has been stopped from selling contraband milk after a year-long federal government sting operation.

LA Artist Faces Police Questioning for Painting Banks in Flames

Arrested for Selling 10 Cents Lemonade at the Washington Capital

City Shuts Down Cancer Victim’s Yard Sale

8-year-old autistic boy gets handcuffed by police

Police take first forced blood draw

Cheyenne police are believed to be the first in the state to forcibly take a person’s blood via court order under the state’s new DUI law.

  Phone hacking: secrecy sledgehammer

If the Met succeeds in its use of the Official Secrets Act it would be a very bleak day for freedom and democracy

Mom Says Prickly School Cop Killed Her Son

A 14-year-old boy got into a fight at a school bus stop and the school district's police officer responded by shooting him to death, the boy's mother says.

A Decade After 9/11, Police Departments Are Increasingly Militarized





                                                         Big Brother



Pre-Crime Face Scanner to Be Used For ‘Security Interrogations’

Should Faking a Name on Facebook Be a Felony?

Imagine that President Obama could order the arrest of anyone who broke a promise on the Internet. So you could be jailed for lying about your age or weight on an Internet dating site.

Unacceptable Emotions Soon to be Analyzed in Airports

US Homeland Security now tracking medical records of Canadians

Lawyer: Cop scanner ‘crosses line’

Civil libertarians are raising the alarm over the state’s plans to create a Big Brother database that could map drivers’ whereabouts with police cruiser-mounted scanners that capture thousands of license plates per hour — storing that information indefinitely where local cops, staties, feds and prosecutors could access it as they choose.

Is this Britain's most lucrative camera? Bus lane snoop rakes in almost £20,000 a DAY in fines

Wellington parking spy car nets $700,000

A spy car intended to curb dangerous parking outside schools has instead targeted inner-city drivers, netting more than $700,000 in fines in a year – nearly twice its original target.

Boy of FOUR is threatened with £5,000 fine... for 'playing too loudly' in his garden

Big Brother 2.0: 10 New Ways That The Government Will Be Spying On You And Controlling Your Behavior




                                                    Science & Health



Gardasil HPV vaccines found contaminated with recombinant DNA that persists in human blood

28 Women Miscarry After Receiving HPV Vaccine Gardasil; FDA Says No Reason to Re-Examine Approval

Barbara Hollingsworth: Time for the truth about Gardasil

Questions over human papillomavirus vaccine in the US and Australia

100 Compiled Studies on Vaccine Dangers

Creating juvenile zombies, Florida-style

Prescribing anti-psychotics for so many rowdy kids may be a reckless medical practice, but in an era of budget cuts and staffing shortages, it makes for smart economics.

U.S. doctors steeped in financial ties - drug money from Big Pharma

Pharmaceutical firms in the United States are shelling out massive funds for doctors travel and entertainment expenses in hopes of boosting sales of new drugs. More than 160,000 doctors have received related payments in 2011 already.

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines





                                                     Global Warming 



Sun Causes Climate Change Shock 

This is a major breakthrough which will not only overturn decades of misguided conjecture on so-called Man Made Global Warming but will spare the global economy trillions of dollars which might otherwise have been squandered on utterly pointless efforts to reduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

A Genuine Coalition Split

UK Coalition Government begins to split over green policies

Desperate Global Warmists Are Turning to Wacky Victorian Inventions to Save the Earth








British Footballer Under Investigation for 9/11 Comments

March on Ottawa for 9/11 Truth 2011 - Sept 17th, 2011

FDNY member on 9/11 Truth “I support you guys”

9/11 In-Depth: Suppressed Academic Evidence Presented at Toronto International Hearings

First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony

The first responders are not invited to this year's September 11 memorial ceremony at ground zero







It's Official: SpongeBob Squarepants Is Making Our Children Stupid

WATCHING FAST-PACED CARTOONS like SpongeBob SquarePants leaves young children significantly less able to perform challenging tasks than those who watch more sedate TV, a new American study has found.

There Are More Slaves Today Than At Any Point In Human History






EcoloBlue Life & Energy





                                                      War & Globalisationl



Lawmakers sue President Obama over Libya

A bipartisan group of House members announced on Wednesday that it is filing a lawsuit charging that President Obama made an illegal end-run around Congress when he approved U.S military action against Libya.

Obama Sends More Troops to Iraq as Deadline Nears

Remember when Obama promised to bring the troops home? Well, it is all an illusion, as we noted after he was coronated. Now the Army Times is announcing Obama plans to send a few thousand more troops as the supposed deadline looms

U.S. Is Intensifying a Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes

Globalist Org Reports 15,000 Dead in Libya

Sen. Graham: Military intervention in Syria should be ‘on the table’

NATO Reportedly Bombs Libyan University

War in Libya: Is There More to the Libyan War than the Removal of Gadhafi? | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchd

CIA Expands Drone Strikes to Yemen

China to US: respect Pakistan’s sovereignty, independence

Saudi Activist Deplores Obama’s Silence on ‘Tyrannical’ Regime

In his major policy speech Thursday on the protests sweeping the Middle East, President Obama did not refer once to Saudi Arabia, arguably the Arab world’s least democratic state.

Iraq: Thousands Rally Against U.S. Troops 

Israeli Forces Fire on Protesters Near Golan

Hopes for democracy fade as civil wars grip the Arab world

The Arab awakening is turning into the Arab nightmare. Instead of ushering in democracy, the uprisings in at least three Arab states are fast becoming vicious civil wars

Iran's president calls for post-Soviet security alliance to unite in alliance against West

US senators introduce Iran sanctions bill

House Republicans Kill Kucinich’s Libya Withdrawal Bill

House Republican aides tell Power Play that a vote scheduled for today on Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s bill that would force the U.S. to withdraw from the Libyan civil war was yanked from the schedule only after it became clear that it might succeed.

Welcome to the Violent World of Mr. Hopey Changey By John Pilger

NATO's Feast of Blood

Whatever the military objectives of the attack (and I and many others question the military value of these attacks) the fact remains the air attack was launched on a major city packed with hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Ron Paul Counters Obama Policy on Israel, Middle East

Bilderberg Plan to Save EU Falling Apart

Interview With Swiss Politician Dominique Baettig Who Confronted Bilderberg

Bilderberg Security Assaults EU Members of Parliament

Prominent Bilderberg Insider Injected Into IMF Race At Last Minute








Obama Administration Official Took Photographs Of Press During Bin Laden Briefing

The audio from the videos were not played, Ms. Starr reports, and reporters were not allowed to record the briefing. They were permitted to take notes, she said, while an Obama administration official took photographs of the reporters.

Bush-OBL-Obama Connection

Like Bush there’s no need to discuss innocence or guilt in a court or anywhere else.

FEDS Financing al Qaeda and Terrorism through Cannabis Prohibition?

Has the U.S. Federal prohibition on Cannabis also allowed Afghanistan to become the world’s top producer of cannabis.?

Am I About To Be Labeled a “Domestic Terrorist”?

Sovereign Citizens - Anti-government American extremists who don’t pay taxes and ignore requirements like social security cards and drivers licenses are on the rise.

CIA has created own Taliban to wreak terror havoc on Pakistan, claims Pak paper 

Satellite Dish ‘Added’ To Bin Laden Compound After Dubious Videos Released by White House?

US ran 'secret terror hunt' in Sweden: report

Sweden’s intelligence service Säpo discovered in 2009 that two Americans were conducting illegal, under-cover investigations in Sweden, the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) daily reported.

Possible Al-Qaida Hit List Targets Specific Americans

Typical Airplane annoyance leads to brouhaha in the skies over D.C.

What followed wasn’t typical at all: a smack to the head, peacemakers diving about the cabin to intervene and a pair of Air Force F-16 fighter jets scrambling into the night skies over Washington.

Hay Festival 2011: ex-CIA man claims Barack Obama 'doesn't have a clue'

Mr Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit said that the terrorist and organisations such as al-Qaeda were fighting a war against US imperialism rather than a war on western culture.

Comment: Oh he has a fu**in clue alright!






                                                      Money & Banking   




Hedge Farm! The Doomsday Food Price Scenario Turning Hedgies into Survivalists

The hedge fund manager and others like him envision a doomsday scenario catalyzed by a weak dollar, higher-than-you-think inflation and an uncertain political climate here and abroad.

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.

20 Questions To Ask Anyone Foolish Enough To Believe The Economic Crisis Is Over

Marc Faber: Prepare For Another War

Marc Faber of the “Gloom, Boom & Doom” report spoke at the Ira Sohn Conference yesterday, and talked about the destructive nature of U.S. monetary and fiscal policy, and a way to play it.

Eleven million low and middle-income workers' pay will 'flatline' until 2015, experts warn

When Faith In U.S. Dollars And U.S. Debt Is Dead The Game Is Over – And That Day Is Closer Than You May Think

Dollar Index at 1-Month Low as China Warns on US Assets

China to dump dollar?

US Is Nearing Even Worse Financial Crisis: Jim Rogers

China ratings house says US defaulting: report





                                                         Police State  



Protester to sue police over secret surveillance

John Catt, aged 86, has had his presence at peaceful protests systematically logged by secretive police unit over four years

Police State Much? by Cindy Sheehan

“Patriotic” Americans are still berating me for “demeaning” my son’s “sacrifice.” A typical message goes something like this:
“Your son died to give you the right to spew your filth against this country. If it wasn’t for the military and people like your son, you wouldn’t have the freedom to protest.”
Oh, really? If I have the “freedom to protest” then why have I been arrested so many times and why did I have a four-month restraining order from protesting near the White House last year that would have landed my buns in jail for six-months if I violated it?

Beijing battling protest fires on all fronts

Protecting Us from Our Freedoms :Congress Set to Renew Patriot Act Spy Provisions

Man Dies After Being Tasered 34 Times

Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home

INDIANAPOLIS | Overturning a common law dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Hoosiers have no right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes.

Police-state 'chill'

Secret Service interrogates Tacoma 7th grader

A Tacoma seventh grader faced federal interrogation at school for what he posted on his Facebook page.  His mom said it all happened without her knowledge or permission.

Proposed policy would allow bus drivers to search students

84-year-old man allegedly beaten by police officer after calling 911

Cop placed 84 year old man in an arm bar and slammed him face first into the ground, breaking his nose and eyeglasses.

Police brutality is killing us, says ACLU of Colorado

The Government's War on Cameras!

Oath Keepers Rally for Iraq War Veteran Killed by SWAT Team

In prison for debt

If owing money isn’t a criminal offense anymore in America, why are so many debtors being sent to prison?

Miami Beach Police Ordered Videographer At Gunpoint To Hand Over Phone. But video survived even after police tried to destroy phone

Tasered Suspect Dies in BSO Custody

Soros-funded, Marxist-led group pushes Net control

The Federal Communications Commission colluded with a George Soros-funded, Marxist-founded organization to publicly push a new plan to regulate the Internet under the government’s "net neutrality" program, according to just released documents.




                                                         Big Brother



Don't Text Me, Bro

Yep. As is usual with the news that comes my way nowadays, I thought this was a joke. The Texter-in-Chief, Herr Obama, has expanded the Federal Communications Commission's emergency alert system to allow the government to terrorize you with its fear mongering propaganda via text messages to your wireless device. And you can't completely opt out.

FBI Power to Snoop Expanded (Again)

Forget China, Americans Have Had All Their Communications Bugged For 20 Years

Google Blackmailing Users to Obtain Their Mobile Phone Numbers?

Internet users, who may have one or multiple accounts through Google, whether they’re for Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, AdSense, or other services, now seem to be forced to give Google their mobile phone number in order to maintain their services.

Retina Scan Security

The government uses it, financial institutions use it, and you’ve seen it in the movies. But now, everyone can protect their personal accounts with iris scanning technology.

Why gadget makers wield a 'kill switch'

When you buy a video game from Best Buy, you don’t give the retailer the right to barge into your house whenever it wants. So why do we give that permission to software companies?

Drones Becoming Pervasive INSIDE America


Feds to Mandate Black Box on all New Cars

ICE Seizes More Domains Today, Admin Says “We’ll Be Back”

Yesterday and without warning, US authorities resumed “Operation In Our Sites” seizing several domain names associated with copyright infringement and counterfeiting. Today, yet more domains were added to the growing list.

French Ban Words 'Twitter' And 'Facebook' From TV, Radio

New airport scanner which will take just five seconds

Nottingham University films students suspected of extremism

Critics say that link to government's counter-terrorism strategy targeting radicalisation 'could fuel Islamophobia'

Chinese Spying Devices Installed on Hong Kong Cars

Footprints Is an Energy-Saving Location Tracker for iOS

Google wants to control your home

First Google dominated the Web with search. Then it ruled mobile devices with Android. Now Google wants to control everything inside your home.

Facebook in new privacy row over facial recognition feature

Facebook has come under fire for quietly expanding the availability of technology to automatically identify people in photos, renewing concerns about its privacy practices.

Log-in to Facebook with an iris scan: Eye-scanner for your PC set to go on the market in months





                                                    Science & Health



Health Discovery could re-open MMR debate

Children who contract measles and mumps in the same year are more likely to develop bowel disorders in later life, say scientists. Although the research team did not look at any direct links between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and IBD, their discovery could re-open the debate over whether the vaccine could be responsible for some cases.

CDC admits flu vaccines don't work (which is why you need a new one every year)

The CDC and the vaccine industry are fronting a similar bit of contradictory logic. "Our vaccines work so well that they offer almost total immunity from the flu," they claim. And yet somehow they also work so poorly that they "wear off" after a year and require you to be re-vaccinated annually.

3 nuclear reactors melted down after quake, Japan confirms

French research institute finds high radioactivity

A French independent radioactivity watchdog has found radiation in Fukushima Prefecture 60 times higher than the annual reference level for ordinary people recommended by an international commission.

China Genetically Modifying Cows To Produce Human Breast Milk

No to nuclear and no to Berlusconi

In the past two days the people of Italy have been given their say.

They have convincingly rejected nuclear power and they have delivered another humiliating defeat to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Sick fish in Gulf are alarming scientists

Outrage as Japan lifts radiation limit for kids

Mercury in dental fillings comes under fire at FDA meeting in Orlando

Disposable coffee cups, carryout containers filled with cancer-causing agents 

True fact: A common ingredient in commercial breads is derived from human hair harvested in China

If you read the ingredients label on a loaf of bread, you will usually find an ingredient listed there as L-cysteine.

Dr. DAVID KATZ: Don’t blame the veggies for deadly E. coli outbreak

We, and our resultant health, not only are what we eat; we are to some extent what we feed what we eat.

Stealth Vaccine Laws Allow Children to Consent to Vaccines

FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic (but keep eating it, yo!)

Peru approves 10 year ban on GM crops

Donor islet cells cure diabetes after transplant

Toxic pesticides from GM food crops found in unborn babies

Toxic pesticides which are implanted into genetically modified food crops have lodged in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn babies, research shows.

Some ob-gyns in South Florida turn away overweight women

Ron Paul: The Milk Police

On April 20th, after a year-long undercover sting operation, armed federal agents acting on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the business of Pennsylvanian Amish farmer Dan Allgyer to prevent him from selling his unpasteurized milk to willing, fully-informed customers in Maryland.

Hundreds of herbal remedies now outlawed across Europe

FDA OKs First Microinjection Flu Vaccine

World’s top commercial weed killer linked to infertility: scientist

Swiss researcher shows natural breeding better than GMOs 

A Swiss researcher has developed a new apple that is resistant to disease, appealing to the palate, and easy to grow, all without using genetic modification.

Florida Legislature Refuses to Limit Mercury in Vaccines

NC school district to give away iPod, laptop to children who participate in vaccination contest

FDA claims power to seize food without evidence of contamination

Cyber War, Civil liberties and Internet freedom in the US: “It is truly a shame that what is viewed abroad as heroic is considered as suspect at home.”

“It is truly a shame that what is viewed abroad as heroic is considered as suspect at home.”

CPS involved in child trafficking? Maryanne Godboldo speaks out on the state-sponsored kidnapping of her daughter 

And what did Maryanne do to deserve this treatment? She refused to medicate her daughter with psychiatric drugs and, instead, chose to treat her daughter holistically.

New Eco-fascist Light Bulbs to Cost $50 Each

Get ready to shell out big bucks for light bulbs. Beginning in January, conventional light bulbs will be outlawed by the state.

Is the Cellphone Killing the Honeybee?






                                                     Global Warming 




EU finance chiefs call for global air and maritime carbon market

The new era of green taxes: Climate change targets to cost every household £500 a year

Federally Funded NASA ‘Educates’ Children About Global Warming on ‘Climate Kids’ Web Site







New 9/11 Poll: Half Of New Yorkers Support New Investigation Into WTC7 Collapse

International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001

Remember Building 7 advert -and Poll Results

High-Level American Officials Admit that the United States Uses False Flag Terror … And Warn of Future Attacks

Image Comics' 'The Big Lie' asks some big questions

Engineers Request Permission to Speak Freely Regarding World Trade Building 7







British royalty dined on human flesh (but don't worry it was 300 years ago)











                                                      War & Globalisationl


Libya: Can We Call This A War Yet?

The globalist coalition refers to it as ‘kinetic military action’, yet as more civilians are killed in NATO bombings, and with experts adamant that deadly Depleted Uranium weapons are being used by Western forces, the conflict in Libya looks a hell of a lot like the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq all over again.

Regime Change Libya: Privatization of their Central Bank and the Theft of their Nationalized Oil Profits

Libyan rebels to start oil exports soon  

Nobel Committee asked to strip Obama of Peace Prize

The Justice Dept. Doesn't "Legalize" War With Secret Memos Anymore: Now They're Public

World War III: One Nation at a Time

Look past the puppets and above the globalists’ stage.

United Nations Installs IMF Stooge in Ivory Coast

'US orders media silence over Bahrain'

President of Bahrain’s Center for Human Rights Nabeel Rajab went on to say that the US and the Western governments have chosen to keep silent over ongoing atrocities in Bahrain due to their support for the country’s authoritarian regime.

Egyptians rally in Cairo to 'save the revolution'

Only 15 nations contributing to military action in Libya

‘Coalition of the willing’ smaller than any major multilateral operation since end of the Cold War.

Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal

You invade Bahrain. We take out Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. This, in short, is the essence of a deal struck between the Barack Obama administration and the House of Saud

Ivory Coast: UN air strikes show West's new appetite for military action

The UN air strikes in Ivory Coast suggest Libya was no fluke: the West's appetite for military action has recovered robustly from the diplomatic trauma of the Iraq war.

Iraqi cleric warns of violence if U.S. troops don’t go as scheduled this year

  From Ivory Coast To Libya And Beyond: Africa Threatened With Western Military Subjugation

Just as the 1884-1885 Berlin Conference divided the African continent into spheres of influence between the major European powers and the U.S., with Ivory Coast belonging to France and Libya later taken by Italy, so now the U.S. and all the major former European colonial masters, who are now fellow NATO member states – France, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey – are again planning to establish dominance over what has become the world’s second most populous continent.

Pakistan Tells U.S. to Halt Drones

Globalists Positioned to Exploit Japan's Tragedy

No Good Crisis Goes to Waste. While the globocrats myopically obsessed over exploiting a contrived crisis in Libya, there were smatterings of interest gravitating not around how to mitigate the ongoing disaster in Fukushima, but rather how Japan should rebuild

  China raps US meddling

China has called on the United States to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of human rights issues.

Army "ready to use force" to clear Cairo square

Egypt’s ruling generals said on Saturday they were ready to use force to end protests in Tahrir Square after troops cracked down on demonstrators overnight and sparked violence that medical sources said killed two people.

CIA will not halt operations in Pakistan: official

63 percent of people killed in Iraq war were civilians: report

NATO ‘not apologizing’ for friendly fire incident

In Israel, Time for Peace Offer May Run Out

With revolutionary fervor sweeping the Middle East, Israel is under mounting pressure to make a far-reaching offer to the Palestinians or face a United Nations vote welcoming the State of Palestine as a member whose territory includes all of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Queen dissolves Canadian Parliament for third time in 3 years

'Death Squad': Full horror emerges of how rogue U.S. brigade murdered and mutilated innocent Afghan civilians - and kept their body parts as trophies

  • Rolling Stone reveals how U.S. troops murdered Afghan civilians
  • Soldiers cut off 15-year-old boy's finger and kept it as trophy
  • Video captures U.S. troops cheering as airstrike kills two Afghan civilians
  • New pictures show dead Afghan man's head on a stick
  • Soldier stabbed the body of a dead Afghan civilian
  • Military tried to pull pictures out of circulation to avoid another Abu Ghraib
  • Army says photos are 'in striking contrast' to its standards and values




      U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings

    Obama administration's anti-terror architecture: Too much like Bush

    Obama has embraced national security policies of the previous administration that he once criticized.

    Jurors vote to acquit the former CIA operative Cuban terrorist

    A Texas jury on Friday acquitted an 83-year-old anti-Castro Cuban exile and former CIA operative, considered an archfoe by Havana, of charges he lied to U.S. authorities about his role in bomb attacks against tourist areas in Cuba in 1997.

    It’s Official: “Arab Spring” Subversion U.S. Funded




                                                         Money & Banking   


    Iceland rejects hostile takeover attempt in national referendum

    The people of Iceland have rejected an agreement between the Icelandic Government on one hand and Great Britain and the Netherlands on the other – that forced Icelandic taxpayers to guarantee the losses of Landsbanki bank in Britain.

    Two George Soros Events Aim to Remake the Financial Order and the Media -- So Where's the Reporting?

    Anti-cuts march swells to 400,000

    Around 400,000 people have joined a march in London to oppose the coalition government’s spending cuts.

    Why is the Federal Reserve giving $220 million in bailout money to two wives of Morgan Stanley bigwigs?

    Now, following an act of Congress that has forced the Fed to open its books from the bailout era, this unofficial budget is for the first time becoming at least partially a matter of public record.

    Currency Meltdown Coming

    How China should rule the world

    G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether

    Worldwide profits: $14.2 billion; U.S. profits: $5.1 billion; tax liability: zero.




                                                             Police State  


    “Outraged and Disgusted” Congressman Introduces Legislation To Bar TSA From Groping Children

    Complaining About TSA Molestation Will Get You Profiled as a Terrorist

    Busted: TSA lied about promise not to grope children

    TSA has defended the groping of a 6 year-old girl, saying it followed policy. Yet in Nov. 2010, TSA vowed no ‘enhanced’ pat-downs for children under 12.

    Chinese Christians arrested for trying to hold open-air service

    Dozens of Christians who planned to hold an outdoor service in Beijing in protest at being made “homeless” from their place of worship have been arrested, in the latest Communist party crackdown on dissent and demonstrations.

    Caught on tape: Naked man with AK-47 opens fire on SWAT team robot (but then gets dressed and surrenders to police)

    Comment: Why send a swat team to a suicidal man. Why not a doctor or psychiatrist? Maybe some of the story missing there me thinks. .

    Tampa police say use of Taser on man with meningitis was appropriate

    Ruff justice? 'Drunkard arrested for barking at police dog in car'

    A man has been arrested for the bizarre offence of barking at a police dog.

     America Is a "Failed State" with a "Dual Justice System ...

     One for Ordinary People and then One for People with Money and Enormous Wealth and Power"

    Thermal cameras look inside homes to monitor energy efficiency

    Special Forces scandal as officers are held 'for trying to leak secrets'

    Two senior Special Forces  officers suspected of leaking details of highly sensitive covert operations have been arrested under the Official Secrets Act, the Daily Mail can reveal.

    Reporting Suspicious Activity? There’s a Homeland Security app for that

    Second Grade Boy Pepper Sprayed by Colorado Police in Class

    Texas Cops Ticket Thousands of Schoolchildren to Raise Revenue, Some as Young as 6-Yrs-Old

    Police Use Tank To Make an Arrest!   

    Militarization of police? You bet.

    Egypt protests against anti-protest law

    Why do America’s police need an armored tank?





                                                            Big Brother


    Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

    US military is developing software to let it secretly manipulate Facebook, Twitter, etc. Military's 'sock puppet' software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda.

    The Nanny State Can’t Last

    Last week, Congress and the administration refused to seriously consider the problem of government spending. Despite the fear-mongering, a government shutdown would not have been as bad as claimed.

    Indian government to issue biometric PAN cards

    San Francisco considers requiring ID scans for most public events

    Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home

    House votes to overturn 'net neutrality' rules

    Russian security service wants to ban Skype and Gmail

    “Uncontrolled usage of these services may lead to massive threat to Russia’s security,” he said at a meeting of the government’s communication and technology committee.

    The US Will Use Twitter and Facebook to Issue Terror Alerts

    Interpol chief calls for global electronic identity card system

    Census worker won't take no for answer

    Couple says questions too personal, threatened with fine if don't comply

    Google making app that would identify people's faces

    Google plans to introduce a mobile application that would allow users to snap pictures of people’s faces in order to access their personal information, a director for the project said this week.

    London set to limit right to protest

    The British government has announced controversial plans to ban protestors from taking part in public gatherings following the weekend anti-cuts rallies, which were marred by violence.

    If You Say "Protest" On A Phone In China, It Cuts Off Automatically

    Alcohol Detectors Could Come Standard With a New Car



                                                     Science & Health


    Japanese Commission: Nuclear Crisis as Bad as Chernobyl

    Nuclear crisis highlights Japans history of 'cover-ups'

    How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation

    Soon after the Fukushima, I stated publicly that there could be a medical problem of very large dimensions.

    Scientists warn that drugs of the future will be designed specifically to control the human mind

    Industry’s war on nature: ‘What are the bees telling us?’

    While industries continue to pollute the planet with their toxic chemicals, toxic waste and toxic spills, Earth’s pollinators sing a swan song that leaves no doubt as to the folly of modern civilization.  Our ability to hear and appropriately respond to the crisis of declining pollinators will determine humanity’s survival.

    20 Signs That A Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming

    Manipulating morals: scientists target drugs that improve behaviour

    Comment: Any "conspiracy theorists" out there? Here's your cure . .

    Farmers and Seed Producers Launch Preemptive Strike against Monsanto

    Lawsuit Filed To Protect Themselves from Unfair Patent Enforcement on Genetically Modified Seed

    Action Would Prohibit Biotechnology Giant from Suing Organic Farmers and Seed Growers If Innocently Contaminated by Roundup Ready Genes

    Sperm counts continue to plummet, say researchers

    The Emergence of Vaccine Induced Diseases

    Monsanto Modifies Soy beans To Grow ‘Fish Oil’

    It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know

    German Green party politician, Malte Spitz, recently learned, we are already continually being tracked whether we volunteer to be or not.

    Choose organics to avoid artificial dyes, pesticides linked to ADHD

    Europeans warned to avoid drinking milk or eating vegetables due to high radiation levels

    Laser gun fired from US navy ship

    Al Franken: ‘They're coming after the Internet’

    AUSTIN, Texas — Sen. Al Franken claimed Monday that big corporations are “hoping to destroy” the Internet and issued a call to arms to several hundred tech-savvy South by Southwest attendees to preserve net neutrality.

    World's largest dairy exporter under scrutiny for GMO contamination

    Trouble down under has led to a major controversy concerning the contamination of the food supply with genetically-modified organisms (GMO).

    Sixth study in recent months links mercury in flu shots to brain damage, autism

    The toxic effects of the mercury, also known in vaccines as Thimerosal, have once again been confirmed, this time by researchers from the University of Brazil.

    FDA Advisory Hearings: Food Dyes & ADHD  

    For years, some parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have believed there is a connection between artificial dyes in food, and their child’s behavior. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is beginning to take a more serious look at the link between the two

    Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China

    Medical doctors speak out about why they avoid naked body scanners at airports  

          Airport security scans: What would your doctor do?

                "I'm a doctor at M.D. Anderson, and I don't want radiation if I can avoid it," he said.

    GPs must return flu vaccine over narcolepsy fears

    The Heath Service Executive (HSE) will remove all stocks of the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix from GPs’ surgeries, the Sunday Independent has learned.

    United Nations Urged To Ban Mercury In Vaccines

    United Nations (UN) actively questions the use of vaccines containing a neurotoxic mercury compound, the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD)

    UN alarmed at huge deline in bee numbers

    The UN on Thursday expressed alarm at a huge decline in bee colonies under a multiple onslaught of pests and pollution, urging an international effort to save the pollinators that are vital for food crops.

    Arsenic and toxic metals found in baby foods

    Among the baby foods found to contain elevated levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead in the tests by the researchers was Organix First Organic Whole Grain Baby Rice, which they found contained two micrograms of arsenic per portion, along with 0.03 micrograms of cadmium and 0.09 micrograms of lead. This product is sold by Boots in the UK.

    HiPP Organic Peach and Banana Breakfast porridge, which is sold by supermarkets in the UK including Tesco, contained 1.7 micrograms of arsenic, 0.13 micrograms of cadmium and 0.33 micrograms of lead.

    Holle Organic Rice Porridge, which is sold by specialist retailers, was found to contain 7.3 micrograms of arsenic per portion - the highest found in the study - along with 0.38 micrograms of cadmium and 0.26 micrograms of lead.





                                                      Global Warming 


    US Senate defeats bid to gut climate efforts







    Matt Taibbi: “Of course we’ve been lied to about 9/11″

    Judge Tosses FOIA Demand on Trade Center

    A federal judge says a complainant has no right to raw data that the National Institute of Standards and Technology used to model the collapse of one of the World Trade Centers.

    Extraordinary Conflict of Interest: Bush Cousin Is Judge in Explosive 9/11 Case against Bush Officials

    Confounding lawyers and legal scholars all over the world, Judge John Walker, first cousin of former President George W. Bush, was one of three judges of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to hear argument Tuesday in Gallop v. Cheney, Rumsfeld and Myers, the lawsuit brought by a soldier injured during the attack on the Pentagon that accuses former Vice President Dick Cheney, former secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard Myers of conspiring to facilitate the terrorist attacks of 9/11 that killed 3000 Americans and has resulted in the deaths of many more, due to the toxicity of the clean-up conditions at Ground Zero.

      Alex Jones' Prison - 9/11 Whistleblowers

      Where are the 9/11 Whistleblowers by Gregg Roberts

    NYC Erased "9/11" From Cop Death Certificate

    The family of an NYPD cop who worked at the World Trade Center site and died of cancer last week said the city changed his death certificate to scrub any mention of Sept. 11.

    Album Exposing World Trade Center Building 7 Collapse Tops Billboard Chart

    New document supports Norman Mineta's testimony about VP Dick Cheney

    Horror story of U.S. citizen strip- searched, left naked, and held for 16 days without being charged in post 9/11 America





    Obama: Torturer-in-Chief

    Bradley Manning: top US legal scholars voice outrage at 'torture'

    More than 250 of America’s most eminent legal scholars have signed a letter protesting against the treatment in military prison of the alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning, contesting that his “degrading and inhumane conditions” are illegal, unconstitutional and could even amount to torture.

    In Your Face: CNN Segment on Libya Entitled “New World Order”






    EcoloBlue Life & Energy





                                                          War & Globalisationl



      WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets

    The fact that the Americans used British nuclear secrets as a bargaining chip also sheds new light on the so-called “special relationship”, which is shown often to be a one-sided affair by US diplomatic communications obtained by the WikiLeaks website.

      NATO not to leave Afghanistan after 2014 transition: official

    NATO and the countries participating in the operation in Afghanistan will not leave the country after 2014, when Afghan troops will have taken over the security responsibility, a senior NATO official said Tuesday.

      WikiLeaks: tension in the Middle East and Asia has 'direct potential' to lead to nuclear war

      Who is the Real Opposition in Egypt?

      Middle East, Then the World

    Beginning in North Africa, now unfolding in the Middle East and Iran, and soon to spread to Eastern Europe and Asia, the globalist fueled color revolutions are attempting to profoundly transform entire regions of the planet in one sweeping move.

      Colin Powell demands answers over Curveball's WMD lies

    Colin Powell, the US secretary of state at the time of the Iraq invasion, has called on the CIA and Pentagon to explain why they failed to alert him to the unreliability of a key source behind claims of Saddam Hussein’s bio-weapons capability.

       China Moves Troops Into North Korea

      The Suez Canal Workers Stage Sit-in as U.S. Warships Dispatched

      George Soros and Egypt’s New Constitution

      Hapless Players in History’s Trilogy of Global Government

      Has There Been An Egyptian Revolution?

    Mubarak’s departure doesn’t guarantee that his successor will not find himself wearing the same American harness.  As Gerald Celente puts it, “Meet the new boss, same as old boss.”

       Over 20,000 take to streets in Yemen 'Day of Rage'

      Serbia Holds Biggest Opposition Protest In Years

      Clamor for change now reaches Iraq

      North and South Korea military talks collapse

      Protesters, police clash in Algerian capital

      Israeli-Egyptian relations / Quiet military coup was behind Mubarak's resignation

    After Mubarak’s Thursday-night address Egyptian military leaders, anticipating the anger of the protesters, told Mubarak that if he did not step down voluntarily the army would force him out.

       Egypt OKs Iran warships through Suez Canal

      Iraqi defector ‘Curveball’ admits to WMD lies that led to war

    An Iraqi defector, codenamed Curveball, who allegedly helped convince the Bush administration that Saddam Hussein had a secret stash of biological and chemical weapons, has admitted for the first time that he made it all up.

      Israeli army 'ready for all eventualities': PM

      Doping Up the Troops

    U.S. Central Command policy allows troops a 90- or 180-day supply of highly addictive psychotropic drugs before they deploy to combat, reports Nextgov.

      Thai Military discussing a coup

      Wikileaks: CoIntelPro Psyop







      Man says ex-CIA agent Posada gave him explosives for hotel bombing

      We're Conflating Proper Dissent and Terrorism

    It's both misguided and distracting to direct our homeland security efforts against protesters.

    A secretive, unaccountable, post-9/11 homeland security apparatus has increasingly turned inward on American citizens.

      'Very senior' MI5 officer to give evidence at 7/7 inquest

    Lady Justice Hallett granted an application by Home Secretary Theresa May to protect the identity of the witness.

      Obama administration expanding use of Guantánamo Bay: report

    Forget closing Guantánamo Bay — President Barack Obama has reportedly green-lighted a plan to begin charges against new detainees at the controversial off-shore prison for the first time under his administration.

      Americans Are Just As Likely to Get Struck By Lightning Than Killed By Terrorists

      America on alert over terrorism threat

    The threat of terrorism against the US was possibly at its highest level since the September 11, 2001, attacks, according to a grim assessment by the Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano.





                                                          Money & Banking   



       Deception at the Fed

       How To Fake An Economic Recovery

      France wants new global finance system

      Deception at the Fed

      Greece reassures IMF on privatization

    Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou said Greece was committed to privatizing services to comply with terms of its international bailout.

      Economy News Nightmare: 20 Things That You Should Not Read If You Do Not Want To Become Very Angry

      As If The Fed Planned To Do It All Wrong

       Federal deficit on track for a record this fiscal year Debt now equals total U.S. economy

      Engineered Economic Collapse Approaching

      21 Signs That The Once Great U.S. Economy Is Being Gutted





                                                             Police State 



    WikiLeaks: Egyptian 'torturers' trained by FBI

    According to leaked diplomatic cables, the head of the Egyptian state security and investigative service (SSIS) thanked the US for “training opportunities” at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia. The SSIS has been repeatedly accused of using violence and brutality to help prop up the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

      Secret police blamed as peace protesters are gunned down in the siege of Cairo

      Digital Darkness: U.S., U.K. Companies Help Egyptian Regime Shut Down Telecommunications and Identify Dissident Voices

    Doing the regime’s bidding, British-based Vodafone shut down Egypt’s phone and internet service.

      Supreme Court Considers No Warrant Searches

    The U.S. Supreme Court is considering how much leeway police have in entering a home without a warrant.

      Garbage Collectors as Crime Stoppers?

      Kill Switch Beta: Government Blocks 84,000 Websites

      Algeria Shuts Down Social Media Websites As Protests Grow

      Artist Could Face 15 Years In Prison For Recording His Own Arrest

    The state charged Drew with a Class 1 felony, not for selling art on the street, but for violating the Illinois Eavesdropping Act by recording his own arrest. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

      Ventura Lawsuit: TSA Pat-Downs Classify as ‘Unlawful Sexual Abuse’

    Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is suing the TSA and Homeland Security for humiliating and ‘offensive’ pat-down procedures he’s been subjected to during airport security checks that included ‘warrantless, non-suspicion-based offensive touching, gripping and rubbing of the genital and other sensitive areas of his body.’

      ’40,000 violations of the law’ in FBI snooping: report

      Algeria tried to block internet and Facebook as protest mounted

         Obama 'Internet kill switch' plan approved by US Senate panel

      World Trade Center Becoming a Police State?

      UK Cops Caught Infiltrating Alternative Media Outlet

      Los Angeles gets tough with political protesters

      Critics knock no-knock police raids

    Dressed in black and carrying assault rifles, members of a local multi-jurisdiction police unit burst into a dark home in Ogden, Utah, one night in September shouting, “Police! Search warrant!”

      Is this the next generation of Taser? Prison to test new laser beam to 'burn' fighting inmates

      Patriot Act, a Nazi law: Ex-CIA official

    The United States Patriot Act is similar to the legislation carried out by the Nazi Germany in the World War II era, a former CIA officer says.





                                                               Big Brother


    'Kill Switch' Internet bill alarms privacy experts

    A raging debate over new legislation, and its impact on the Internet, has tongues wagging and fingers pointing from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C.

      DPS I.D. system worries parents

    DETROIT — A new security system in Detroit Public Schools has parents and community members questioning the violation of their Fourth Amendment right to privacy.

      Better in than out: African country set to make breaking wind a crime

    Breaking wind is set to be made a crime in an African country.

    The government of Malawi plan to punish persistent offenders 'who foul the air' in a bid to 'mould responsible and disciplined citizens.'

       FBI Calls for Backdoor to Snoop Web

      FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested

    The FCC is planning an upgrade to the tests by including presidential announcements in the system.

      Chicago's high-tech cameras spark privacy fears

      Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked





                                                        Science & Health




      China’s poor treated to fake rice made from plastic: report

      Weather radar shows something unusual around time birds fell

      The app that can read your mind: iPhone brainwave detector arrives (it was only a matter of time)

      Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

      New Hack Turns Smartphones Into Covert Spying System

    Your phone is a covert spy device, secretly listening to and recording everything you say — or at least, it could be, according to new research that has uncovered a smartphone hack affecting both Androids and iPhones.

      Mozilla Proposes ‘Do Not Track’ Addition To Firefox

    Mozilla’s Firefox, a popular browser company, has proposed a new feature that will prevent people’s personal information from getting mined and sold for advertising.

      Mutant mosquitoes: Malaysia release of genetically modified insects sparks fears of uncontrollable new species

      USDA Allows GMO Sugar Beet Planting Even After a Landmark Court Decision Says No

      Swine flu vaccine linked to 900 percent increased risk of developing narcolepsy

      Depopulation Monger Paul Ehrlich Suggests ‘Patriot Americans Stop at Two’ Mantra

      Aspartame exposed - GM Bacteria used to create deadly sweetener

      Gardasil Exposed: Deadly vaccine pushed on millions of young boys and girls worldwide

      British Researcher Wakefield Defends Link Between Vaccine and Autism

      Banned toxic chemicals found in 100 percent of pregnant women – new study

      US probing seizures reported after Sanofi flu shot

      Teachers blamed for record number of children being prescribed 'chemical cosh'

    Teachers have been blamed for the record number of children prescribed ‘chemical cosh’ drugs such as Ritalin.

    There are now some 650,000 eight to 13-year-olds on the drug or its equivalents.

      Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong

      Hormones In Food: Should You Worry?

      Are MMR vaccines dangerous for children?

      Vaccine likely caused child narcolepsy

    A preliminary study by Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare shows children injected with the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine are nine times more likely to contract narcolepsy than those who were not vaccinated.

          WHO probes swine flu narcolepsy concerns

      US trade chief urges Europe to open market to GM foods

      Judge gives go-ahead to add fluoride to city's tap water supply - despite overwhelming public opposition

      US study links pesticides to Parkinson’s disease

      Fluoridation: The scam of the century

      Feds Approve Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant Crops t

      ‘Experts’ pushing HPV vaccines told to omit death toll

    Medical ‘experts’ pushing HPV vaccines told what not to say about them, including their death toll 







      UN human rights official claims 9/11 was US plot 

    Richard Falk, a retired professor from Princeton University, wrote on his blog that there had been an “apparent cover up” by American authorities.

      Local engineer questions 9/11 explanation

      Report Vindicates Questions In Anthrax Conspiracy

      Nearly 90 Percent of Germans Do Not Believe Official 9/11 Fairy Tale

      Civil Disobedience at Downing Street for 9/11 Justice: An Interview with Gareth Newnham






       Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll









                                                         War & Globalisationl


      Pentagon’s Christmas Present: Largest Military Budget Since

          World War II 

      ‘Turkey probes US nukes at airbase’

    Turkish parliamentarians are discussing a report revealing that the United States has deployed 90 nuclear bombs at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Force base, a report says.

      Obama envoy secretly promised to keep troops in Iraq after 2011, Iraqi intelligence official says

    A special envoy from President Barack Obama raised the possibility in a secret meeting with senior Iraqi military and civilian officials in Baghdad Sep. 23 that his administration would leave more than 15,000 combat troops in Iraq after the 2011 deadline.

      U.S., EU Plan Iran Sanctions

    The U.S. and representatives of the European Union have agreed to impose joint sanctions against Iran in January and are considering breaking off talks with the country.

      Afghan war to escalate in 2011

      China preparing for armed conflict ‘in every direction’

    “In the coming five years, our military will push forward preparations for military conflict in every strategic direction,” said Liang Guanglie in an interview published by several state-backed newspapers in China.

      'Israeli War Crimes' signs to go on Metro buses

      Wikileaks: a Big Dangerous US Government Con Job [Voltaire]

      Haiti: One More Shameful UN Betrayal

      Chris Matthews Wants Obama to Produce Birth Certificate

      Who is Behind Wikileaks? by Michel Chossudovsky

    The leaks are heralded as an immeasurable victory against corporate media censorship.But there is more than meets the eye.

      Next Year’s Wars

    The 16 brewing conflicts to watch for in 2011.

      WikiLeaks: U.K. trained Bangladeshi 'death squad'

      Afghan civilian toll up 20 percent

      US helped subvert Colombia’s congress on military ‘escalation’

           deal, cable shows

      Russian Armed Forces on High Alert Over North Korea

      Pakistan denies WikiLeaks disclosure it tolerates drone


      CIA brain experiments pursued in veterans’ suit

     It’s not just science fiction — or the imaginings of the mentally ill.

      Global poverty doubled since 1970s: UN

      Washington Uses Arms Sales To Achieve Global Supremacy

      Pakistan drone strikes: the CIA’s secret war

    In the last 12 months there have been at least 113 attacks by secret US drones in Pakistan’s mountainous Waziristan region.

      The CIA secretly agreed to pay $5million to shield the architects of its

           waterboarding programme

      War contamination could be causing deformities in Iraq

      US tries to keep troops in Iraq away from WikiLeaks






       Omagh Bombers Appeal; Evidence Suggests False Flag

    The 1998 bombing of Omagh, Northern Ireland, was the largest single terror attack in the UK at the time, killing 29 people and injuring over 200. The men convicted of the attack in 2009 are appealing the case, citing a dodgy MI5 agent.


      One year later: Who was the sharp-dressed man who helped

          Abdulmutallab board?

    One year after the “failed” Christmas Day bombing attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, we are more vulnerable than ever. Not from foreign ‘jihadist’ terrorists, or unscanned Thermos containers, but from our own government. If would-be terrorists like Abdulmutallab are our enemy, why have Homeland Security resources been used to threaten and intimidate The People instead of following up on how Abdulmutallab got as far as he did?

      Osama bin Dead awhile

      Biggest Terrorism Scaremongers Are THEMSELVES Promoting


      Dennis Kucinich: Fake Taliban Leader, Fake Elections, Fake Deadline,

            Real Trouble

    Congressman Kucinich renewed his call to end the Afghan war after it was revealed that a self-proclaimed senior Taliban negotiator working with President Hamid Karzai and NATO officials was in an imposter.

      Islamic group is CIA front, ex-Turkish intel chief says

    The Washington Post - A memoir by a top former Turkish intelligence official claims that a worldwide moderate Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s.

      11 Reasons Why The Threat From Al-Qaeda is Not Real

      Many Arab officials have close CIA links: Assange

    Assange Threatens To Out CIA-Linked Arab Leaders If Killed

      FBI, DHS, NY Cops On High Alert Despite No Credible ‘Homeland’ Threat

      WEINER: Osama bin Laden is dead

      Terrorist watch list: One tip now enough to put name in database,

           officials say

    A year after a Nigerian man allegedly tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner, officials say they have made it easier to add individuals’ names to a terrorist watch list.

      Was FBI grooming Portland suspect for terror?

      FBI Plants Informant in Mosque to Incite Violence; Muslims Report

            Him to FBI

    Justice, Iraq-style: 39 al Qaeda suspects who are all facing execution   

           without trial

      EXCLUSIVE: Controversial Drug Given to All Guantanamo Detainees Akin

            to "Pharmacologic Waterboarding"

    The Defense Department forced all “war on terror” detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison to take a high dosage of a controversial antimalarial drug, mefloquine, an act that an Army public health physician called “pharmacologic waterboarding.”

      How the US let al-Qaida get its hands on an Iraqi weapons factory

    In an exclusive extract from his new book, A History of the World since 9/11, Dominic Streatfeild explains how despite expert warnings, the US let al-Qaida buy an arsenal of deadly weapons – then tried to cover it up




                                                           Money & Banking



      The Shadow Banking System: A Third Of All The Wealth In The World Is

            Held In Offshore Banks

      A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

      Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has close links to the

           Economist, controlled by the Rothschild bank

      Underneath the Happy Talk, Is This As Bad as the Great Depression?

      No end in sight to U.S. economic crisis as 'scariest jobs chart ever' shows

            post-recession unemployment is at its worst since World War Two

      EU confident Lisbon Treaty amendment will not need referendum

    EU LEADERS are poised this week to agree an amendment to the Lisbon Treaty to create a permanent rescue fund for euro countries, a step they believe they can take without prompting another Irish referendum.

      Sixty million American people's jobs, pensions and property are moving

            into the hands of the already rich - Tom Dennen

      Banks accused of illegally looting homes

      Fresh humiliation for eurozone as China says it will bail out debt-ridden


      War Would End the Recession?

    In his September 28 New York Times blog post, Paul Krugman announced that “economics is not a morality play.”

    'US middle class to get poor in 5 years'

    The entire middle class Americans will fall under the poverty line in five years, as the gap between the rich and the poor is widening in the United States, says an investigative journalist.

      Greek Parliament Approves 2010 Austerity Budget In Spite of Riots

      Euro has 1-in-5 chance of lasting decade: UK think-tank




                                                          Police State  


      G20 cops cleared of brutality charges because they couldn’t

            be identified

          Comment: Be getting ready now!! -  For the Secret police that is..

      SAS hit squads at UK’s malls | The Sun |News

    SAS hit squads are today protecting packed shopping centres from terrorists - with orders to shoot to kill.

      The Truth about Water Cannons

      Mandatory DUI Checkpoint Blood Tests Coming to Florida

      Think DHS Is backing Off Scanners? Think Again!

      Police mull banning all UK protests

      Venezuela tightens Internet regulation

      Woman arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down

      The TSA's state-mandated molestation

    TSA Wants To Expand Groping Of Vaginas .

      Judge warns of ‘Orwellian state’ in warrantless GPS

            tracking case

      FBI Agents Earning Career Points Every Time They Put

            Someone on the Watch List

    Feds order farmer to destroy his own wheat crops: The shocking

           revelations of Wickard vs Filburn

      ‘It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Russia…”

      Obama's new tax on...Rainwater!?

      TSA X-Ray Machines Easily Fooled, Researchers Find

      Human Organ Wagons To Make House Calls

    It might sound a little disturbing to some people but a new pilot program will attempt to recover kidneys from people who die at home in Manhattan.

      Greg Palast Arrested — Busted by BP in Azerbaijan

    “Here in Azerbaijan we believe in human rights. PLEASE GIVE US YOUR FILM.”

      DC subway to begin random searches



                                                               Big Brother



      10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

     An Open Letter to Those Who Would Murder Julian Assange

      Hungary to Regulate All Media

      Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You

      Minority Report: NYPD Implements Iris Scan Technology

      Arizona Pharmacy Begins Fingerprinting for Prescriptions

      Nudge, nudge, wink wink… How the Government wants to change the

            way we think

      Woman Who Protested TSA Pat-Downs At OKC Airport Banned From


      Pilot Who Took On Big Sis Goes Public

      CPS Nurse: All Parents Lie

    A senior nurse at Starship hospital’s child protection unit told a conference of medical professionals that “all parents are liars until proved otherwise”, doctors who attended say.

      Government to Control the 'Net – Good Luck With That!

    Instinctively, humans will expand the Internet because they must.

      Government ‘creating vast domestic snooping machine

      Trash collectors to serve as eyes and ears in the street for police

      UN mulls internet regulation options

    Editor’s note: WikiLeaks will be used as the template and excuse to usher in globalist control over the internet.

    Your Apps Are Watching You

    Few devices know more personal details about people than the smartphones in their pockets: phone numbers, current location, often the owner’s real name—even a unique ID number that can never be changed or turned off.

      DoT exploring technology that would disable cell phones in cars

    The Transportation Department is looking into technology to disable cell phones in vehicles, according to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.


            YOUNG AS FOUR



                                                          Science & Health



      Europe to ban hundreds of herbal remedies

    Hundreds of herbal medicinal products will be banned from sale in Britain next year under what campaigners say is a “discriminatory and disproportionate” European law.

      Council of Europe to hunt down possible swine flu scam — RT

      More than 25 percent of children now on chronic prescription


      Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European

            nations if they resisted GMOs

      Inside TSA scanners: How terahertz waves tear apart

            human DNA

    While the application of scientific knowledge creates technology, sometimes the technology is later redefined by science.

      Government recommends lowering fluoride levels in U.S. drinking water

      Pfizer tested drugs on children

    In April 2009, Pfizer reportedly reached a tentative agreement on lawsuits regarding the vaccine trials it had conducted in 1996.

      Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children

      Probable carcinogen hexavalent chromium found in drinking water of 31

            U.S. cities

      More than a million Europeans sign petition to stop GMO approvals

      FDA Panel Reviews Health Safety of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

      Viruses and the GM Insect "Flying Vaccine" Solution

    While it is generally clear, even to the relatively uninformed, that government and corporations have become one and the same, the extent to which this is the case is still largely unknown amongst the general public. Likewise, the extent to which this merger is affecting public health is also not widely known

      Nine month old twins die just minutes after measles vaccination

      Obama's Evergreen Revolution a ploy to push GMOs

      Myths and Facts: Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu


      Police Arrested Twelve Year Old Boy for Refusing Vaccine at School

      Judge: 2005 Approval of Monsanto GMO sugarbeets was illegal

      Top ten lies about Senate Bill 510

    The Food Safety Modernization Act looks like it’s headed to become law. It’s being hailed as a “breakthrough” achievement in food safety.

            Despite massive protests, US Senate passes S 510 Food Safety Bill

      Carrots ‘help protect against cancer’

      CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride

      Aspartame exposed - GM Bacteria used to create deadly sweetener

      Christmas Communion at a NY Church May Have Infected Hundreds with

            Hepatitis A

      Pesticides used in California 'salad bowl' growing region destroying

           health of workers, children

    Pesticide residues found on conventional fruits and vegetables have been shown to be harmful to health, but what about the people who pick this produce and the children they bare?

      The USDA's Organic Deception

    Organic is organic, or is it? It would seem that it is all a matter of perspective when one takes a stroll through the mountains of documents on the FDA and USDA websites.

      Chinese Weather Manipulation Experiments To Increase

      Leaked document: EPA knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide

      Have scientists discovered how to create downpours in the desert?

      Bumble Bees In U.S. Suffer Sharp Decline, Joining Countless Other Species Disappearing Worldwide

    North American bees are disappearing at a rapid rate, signaling a dire threat to the production of countless food sources.




                                                           Global Warming 



      There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts







      Colorado engineer questions 9/11 explanation





    EcoloBlue Life & Energy




      Korean War Crisis: Brought To You By Uncle Sam

    US military-industrial complex armed North Korea with nuclear weapons.

      White House Says Child Soldiers Are Ok, if They Fight Terrorists

    The phenomenon of child soldiers, like genocide, slavery and torture, seems like one of those crimes that no nation could legitimately defend. Yet the Obama administration just decided to leave countless kids stranded on some of the world’s bloodiest battlegrounds.

      Obama pushes ‘largest-ever’ Saudi arms deal while Congress in recess Critics Slam Obama Administration for ‘Hiding’ Massive Saudi Arms Deal

      US to build £8bn super base on Pacific island of Guam

      Van Rompuy Declares National Sovereignty Dead

    US soldier admits to sport killing

    A US military court has spared an American soldier from an early discharge from the US Army after he admitted to shooting unarmed Afghan civilians for fun.

      Obama envoy secretly promised to keep troops in Iraq after 2011, Iraqi

          intelligence official says

    A special envoy from President Barack Obama raised the possibility in a secret meeting with senior Iraqi military and civilian officials in Baghdad Sep. 23 that his administration would leave more than 15,000 combat troops in Iraq after the 2011 deadline for U.S. withdrawal

     How WikiLeaks Makes Confrontation With Iran More Likely

      Intel on Iran has telling flaw

    The most important intelligence documents used to argue that Iran had a covert nuclear-weapons research-and-development program in 2003 turn out to have a fatal flaw.

    Fresh scandal for Swedish royal family after Nazi past of Queen’s father is

         revealed by TV documentary

    Documentary Reveals Swedish Royal Family Ties to Nazis

      6 Reasons To Start World War III If You Are A Globalist

      Former Pakistani General: CIA, Mossad behind WikiLeaks Reports

    A former Pakistani army commander said that the disclosure of classified documents by the whistleblower site of Wikileaks is a US plot to create rift among friendly and neighboring states.

    Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate

          Water Grab

    Billions have been spent allowing corporations to profit from public water sources even though water privatization has been an epic failure in Latin America and everywhere else it’s been tried.

      Fresh claims US is running secret prison in Afghanistan

    Prisoners are being abused at a “secret jail” in the main American military base in Afghanistan, according to a report from a US policy think tank.





      Clueless Patsy Set-up by FBI in Christmas Tree Bombing Plot

      Staged Government Terror: An Open Admission Within The British House

           of Lords

      Pakistan intelligence services ‘aided Mumbai terror attacks

    Pakistan’s powerful intelligence services were heavily involved in preparations for the Mumbai terrorist attacks of November 2008, according to classified Indian government documents obtained by the Guardian.

      May seeks judicial review of July 7 terror inquest ruling - Home News,

           UK - The


                                                           Money & Banking

      America is Held Hostage By Global Private Bankers

      Citizens of Europe Rage Against the Machine

    Austerity measures drive 100,000 protesters to the streets of Ireland, another 100,000 in Italy as Europeans continue to rage against the international banking machine.

      Financial Writers Slam Irish Bailout

      Financial oligarchy dictates terms of Irish bailout

    While ordinary working people will suffer the devastating consequences of the deal, the bailout ensures that the financial speculators whose criminal activity brought about the crisis will escape unpunished.

      China, Russia quit dollar

      World Bank Boss Zoellick Calls for International Gold Standard

      Bankruptcy of U.S. is ‘Mathematical Certainty,’ Says Former CEO of

            Nation’s 10th Largest Bank

      Federal Reserve May Be `Central Bank of the World’ After UBS, Barclays


      Bank of England Chief Mervyn King Proposes Eliminating Fractional

            Reserve Banking

      Global poverty doubled since 1970s: UN

      Max Keiser: Irish govt slaves to IMF terror machine



                                                 Police State  


      Lieberman Has Power To Shut Down Websites With A Phone Call

     Senator pushing move towards Chinese-style censored web with presidential kill switch pressured Amazon to axe Wikileaks.

      Mother Kept In “Glass Cage” For Almost An Hour By TSA For Resisting

           Over Breast Milk

      Police to get major new powers to seize domains

    Police could soon have the power to seize any domain associated with criminal activity, under new proposals published today by UK domain registrar Nominet.

      Opt Out of a Body Scan? Then Brace Yourself

      Scariest speed camera of all... It checks your insurance, tax and even

          whether you are tailgating or not wearing a seatbelt

    Even the most law-abiding driver might feel a shiver down the spine when spotting this speed camera at the roadside.



                                                              Big Brother


      Google in ‘significant breach’ of UK data laws

      Is Your Videogame Machine Watching You?

     Race Is On to ‘Fingerprint’ Phones, PCs

    IRVINE, Calif.—David Norris wants to collect the digital equivalent of fingerprints from every computer, cellphone and TV set-top box in the world.

      Banks spying on your bills, rent payments, paychecks: report

     “Internet of Things” is on the way

    When the CIA can log into any device you own, that’s not an invasion of privacy — it’s “smart.”



                                                           Science & Health


      Structure of Health Tyranny: Codex Alimentarius

      Pastor Exposes How Abortion Industry Was Founded By Nazi Eugenicist

          Now Lauded By Liberals

      U.S. Passes Most Restrictive Legislation Yet Against Health


      Soda companies pushed pop as beneficial beverage for infants

      CIA brain experiments pursued in veterans’ suit

    If military veterans have their way in a California law suit, the spy agency’s quest to turn humans into robot-like assassins via electrodes planted in their brains will get far more exposure than the drugs the CIA tested on subjects ranging from soldiers to unwitting bar patrons and the clients of prostitutes.

      Despite massive protests, US Senate passes S 510 Food Safety Bill

    The Food Safety Modernization Act is to the food supply what the Patriot Act is to the Bill of Rights.

      DHS: ’70% chance disease would escape’ from ‘mainland Plum Island’

          biodefense lab

      CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride

      Educated families increasingly refusing vaccinations

      Federal Court Orders First-Ever Destruction of a GMO Crop

    Court Orders Removal of Genetically Engineered Sugar Beet Seed Crop; Finds Government and Monsanto rushed to illegally plant herbicide resistant crop

      Big Pharma to begin microchipping drugs



                                                           Global Warming 

      Ultra Elitist Environmental Group: Halt Economic Growth, Institute


     Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed


    Climate change is the new global terror, says Al Gore

    Greek PM says it at last: carbon taxes are just another way to raise


      Climate Alarmists Push Forced Relocation At Cancun Summit





      9/11 Family Group: Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera Are Right to

            Question Building 7 Collapse











       Gen. Hugh Shelton: Clinton Official Suggested Letting U.S. Plane Be Shot Down To Provoke War With Iraq  

    "A high-ranking cabinet member suggests intentionally flying an American airplane on a low pass over Baghdad so as to guarantee it will be shot down, thus creating a natural excuse to reltaliate and go to war."

    New face, same imperialism: Obama no better than Bush

    After all the hope and hype, Obama's foreign policy mirrors the ugliness of the Bush years.

      PopSci Investigation: What Kind Of Top-Secret Assassination Tech Does $58 Billion Buy?

    Not since the end of the Cold War has the Pentagon spent so much to develop and deploy secret weapons. But now military researchers have turned their attention from mass destruction to a far more precise challenge: finding, tracking, and killing individuals

      US to build £8bn super base on Pacific island of Guam

      Karzai: Blackwater behind terrorism

    Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said US private security firms, including Xe Services LLC, formerly known as Blackwater, are being behind terrorism in the country.

      Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates

      Surprise -- The Very Dark Side of U.S. History

    Many Americans view their country and its soldiers as the "good guys" spreading "democracy" and "liberty" around the world. It just ain't so.

      Blackwater's Black Ops

    One of the most incendiary details in the documents is that Blackwater, through Total Intelligence, sought to become the “intel arm” of Monsanto, offering to provide operatives to infiltrate activist groups organizing against the multinational biotech firm.

      CIA runs 3,000-strong covert army to hunt down al-Qaida in Pakistan

      Fresh claims US is running secret prison in Afghanistan

      Barack Obama accused of exaggerating terror threat for political gain

      Veteran reporter blasts US over Israel

    Former White House veteran reporter has criticized the United States for not allowing people to talk about Israeli policies against the Palestinian people.

      Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer's memoir

      Wikileaks documents now targeting Iran

      UN Tricks and Treaties

    The United Nations has ensnared the world in voluntary treaties intended to become mandatory later, tricking politicians and the public. The treaties may be vague and open to interpretation over time, using a tactic known as ‘incrementalism’.

      EU Dictators Plan Fresh Looting Of Tax Slaves

      Powerful EU Nations May Reform “Mission Impossible” Treaty in Secret

      Herman Van Rompuy announces a new 'reverse majority rule' to get

          around the national veto

    Herman Van Rompuy, the President of Europe, wants a new mechanism to enforce sanctions against member states which borrow too much. Fair enough, you might say: of the 27 member states, only three currently meet the EU’s debt and deficit rules . What’s alarming is the mechanism Mr Van Rompuy intends to use:



      Contrived Propaganda Tapes Reveal War On Terror Fraud

      Obama ‘Fake Terror’ Alert Story Hits #1 on Google

      Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex



    Money & Banking     

      IMF Article Predicts New World Order

    The bluntest and most alarming presentation we’ve read recently regarding the IMF comes from Germany’s powerful Spiegel magazine.

    Is hard currency on its way out? Introducing the new virtual world


      Call for new global currencies deal

      Governments and Central Banks are bringing on second round of

            economic crisis

      Time Magazine: Prospect Of Civil War In U.S. “Doesn’t Seem That Far


      Worldwide Food Crisis Looms As Forecasters Predict Record High Prices

      Food Prices Expected to Rise Sharply

    World gripped by 'international currency war'

      From Global Depression to Global Governance

            The role of the corporate elites’ secretive global think tanks

      Foreclosure Fraud: 6 Things You Need To Know About The Crisis That

            Could Potentially Rip The U.S. Economy To Shreds

      Obama will not ban home repossessions 'fraud'

    The White House has ruled out a temporary ban on the repossession of homes, despite a growing row over alleged malpractice.


      Be very afraid – we are being fleeced by purveyors of fear

    Home Office threat levels are absurd abstractions of no help to anyone except the security lobby raising cash through fear

    Smoking should be banned in homes and cars to protect children, says

          health chief


     Police State         

      Former Hitler Youth Whistleblower Warns Of America’s Nazi Future

      Lyon official orders inquiry into plain-clothes police on demos

            French Cops Infiltrated Anti-government Demos


      Lawfare in Austria: Is Truth Illegal?

    Although the trial of Dutch MP and critic of Islam, Geert Wilders, and its serious implications for free speech in Europe, is once again creating a furor in the press, another high-profile trial of a critic of Islam -- Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, in Austria -- is being overlooked.

    Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese

    Morningland Dairy is the latest attempt by the FDA to fulfill the Healthy People 2020 objective to kill raw dairy.

      The New York Times Defends Assassinations. The Right of US Government

            "to assassinate anyone it pleases"

      Minnesota State Legislators Speak Out Against FBI Repression

      One in 28 US kids has a parent in prison: study

    The US’s exceptionally high rate of incarceration is causing economic damage not only to the people behind bars but to their children and taxpayers as a whole, a new study finds.

      N.L. police need no reason to stop drivers

      U.S. should be able to shut down Internet, former CIA chief says

      Suit Alleges Denver Officers 'Tortured' Man

      FBI searches six Minneapolis homes of anti-war activists in terrorist


      Prosecutor proposes jail for parents who skip kids' school conferences

      Regulate internet says Sarkozy


    Big Brother              

      Who Is Watching You? Nine Industries That Know Your Every Move

            Don’t kid yourself. Real privacy no longer exists in this country.

      Are Independent Thinkers Mentally Ill?

    Do you question authority? Fail to accept conventional wisdom?  Lose your temper when you hear a politician make a promise that you know he or she can’t keep? If so, you may be mentally ill, according to the most recent revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). 

      Tracking devices used in school badges to monitor students

      Every email and website to be stored by government

      School settles laptop spying case to "protect taxpayers"

    The school district accused of spying on students at home via laptop webcam has agreed to settle two student lawsuits for a total of $610,000.

      CCTV site Internet Eyes hopes to help catch criminals

    A website which pays the public to monitor live commercial CCTV footage online has been launched in Devon.

      Iris Scanning Set To Secure City in Mexico, Then the World

    The million-plus citizens of Leon, Mexico are set to become the first example of a city secured through the power of biometric identification.

      Brazilians will be forced to use RFID chips and GPS trackers in their cars

      Military wants to scan communications to find internal threats

      Canada's privacy watchdog bites Google

      Santa Fe school uses radio frequency tracking badges

    Secondary students in the Santa Fe district are required to wear badges on campus that track their whereabouts using radio frequency identification technology.

      Obama seeks to ease Internet wiretaps

    The Obama administration is drawing up legislation to make it easier for US intelligence services to eavesdrop on the Internet, including email exchanges and social networks, The New York Times said Monday.

      Federal Agents Urged to 'Friend' People on Social Networks, Memo Reveals

    A privacy watchdog has uncovered a government memo that encourages federal agents to befriend people on a variety of social networks, to take advantage of their readiness to share — and to spy on them.

      School installs £9,000 facial recognition cameras to stop students turning

            up late... and teachers could be next target


    Science & Health            

    U.S. Deliberately Infected Guatemalans with Gonorrhea and Syphilis

    The United States government has apologised for deliberately infecting hundreds of people in Guatemala with gonorrhoea and syphilis as part of medical tests more than 60 years ago.

      ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies

      EU food safety chief forced to quit GM lobby role

    Questions raised over why European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) chair Diana Banati failed to make clear her connections to International Life Science Institute (ILSI), which advises biotech giants like Monsanto, Bayer and BASF

      GM lobby helped draw up crucial report on Britain's food supplies

    Email trail shows how biotech group helped watchdog to draw up analysis of GM crops ... and prompted two advisers to quit

      Mainstream Media Now Begins Reporting on BPA Dangers After Denying

            Previous Evidence

      Pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow into detectable tumors - here's

            how to halt it today

      EU to back sale of meat and milk from cloned animal offspring

      First drug addict sterilised under 'cash for vasectomy' offer

    A drug addict has become the first man in the country to be sterilised in exchange for cash under a controversial new project.

     Experts admit swine flu jab 'may cause' deadly nerve disease

    Health chiefs have for the first time acknowledged that the swine flu jab may be linked to an increased risk of developing a deadly nerve condition.

      Terminal cancer patients routinely exploited by high-profit screening

            scams even as death approaches

      Australia’s most prominent anti-vaccination group stripped of charitable


      Twins Die Minutes after Measles Vaccination

    Nine-month-old twins in Ghaziabad, India reportedly died within minutes of receiving a measles vaccine.

      Australia blames a flu vaccine for child convulsions

      Do We Have a Right to Know If Our Food Has Been Genetically Modified?

      Ukrainian People Say No to Globalist Vaccines

      Cancer 'is purely man-made' say scientists after finding almost no trace of

            disease in Egyptian mummies

    Cancer is a man-made disease fuelled by the excesses of modern life, a study of ancient remains has found.


    Global Warming          

      Another Domino Falls: UK’s Leading Scientific Body Retreats on

          Climate Change

      Climate Science’s Worst Week in History

    There now appears to be a photo finish in the horse race for the ‘worst week in climate science history’ with that already infamous week of the Climate-Gate hacking, aka the “East Anglia Event Horizon”.



      EXCLUSIVE: Witnesses in Defense Dept. Report Suggest Cover-Up of 9/11 Findings

    A document obtained and witnesses interviewed by Fox News raise new questions over whether there was an effort by the Defense Department to cover up a pre-9/11 military intelligence program known as “Able Danger.”

      Jesse Ventura Calls For New 9/11 Investigation; Challenges Media

      Roseanne Barr For 9/11 Truth

    Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr has published Jon Gold’s encyclopedic 9/11 research article The Facts Speak For Themselves on the front page of her Roseanne World blog. Under the headline “brilliant analysis, Jon Gold“, Roseanne urged her fans: PLEASE READ THIS!

      Jesse Ventura Calls For New 9/11 Investigation; Challenges Media

    Former Governor of Minnesota, ex-Navy SEAL and retired pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura has renewed the call for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 in the face of dramatic new evidence that is coming to light every week.

      Bush Thought Flight 93 Had Been Shot Down On 9/11

      W. Virginia Senate Candidate Questions “Foreknowledge” of WTC7

            Collapse in Live TV Debate

      Former Lemonheads rocker says Twin Towers “blown up by bombs”

      Indian Leader: US, Zionists prime suspects of 9/11 attacks

    New Delhi—An Indian leader Saturday said that the US, and Zionists were the prime suspects of 9/11 attacks.



                      EcoloBlue Life & Energy



    Obama seeks to expand arms exports by trimming approval process  

    The Obama administration has begun modifying export control regulations in hopes of enlarging the U.S. market share of weapons.

    Comment: The profiteers of death. Nice "Change" Obama

    British Attorney General moves toward re-opening investigation into mysterious death of Iraq weapons inspector

      EXCLUSIVE: After a Year of Setbacks, U.N. Looks to Take Charge of World's Agenda

      Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years'

      US broadens North Korea sanctions

      'Iran on verge of potential US-led war'

    Gen. Rashid’s remarks came following his description of threats made by the US and Israel against countries of the region after the “suspicious September 11 incident.”

      PopSci Investigation: What Kind Of Top-Secret Assassination Tech Does $58 Billion Buy?

      Members of Stryker Combat Brigade in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport

    The U.S. soldiers hatched a plan as simple as it was savage: to randomly target and kill an Afghan civilian, and to get away with it.

      Report: Israel planning to attack Hezbollah arms depots in Syria

      S.Korea military drill envisions 'occupying N.Korea'

      Military Industrial Complex: Of 158 retired generals advising wars, 80% tied to defense industry; 29 are defense CEOs

    More redundant proof that wars go on in the name of military industrial complex profits, not for freedom, democracy or etc. Nevertheless, you’d better believe this is the tip of the iceberg.

      US plans another Kyrgyzstan base

      Ground Zero Islamic center’s funding leads to CFR

    Americans all over the country are out in droves screaming at each other in fear over Muslim appropriation of the building site.

      Woodward: CIA Has 3,000 Man Covert Army in Afghanistan

      Ex-CIA Agents Confirm Torture at Polish Black Site 

      The Emerging Global Fed

    The Federal Reserve has been a nightmare for the American people. It inflates the money supply, thereby devaluing already-existing money and placing a massive hidden tax on the people via rising prices.

      10 Practical Steps That You Can Take To Insulate Yourself (At Least Somewhat) From The Coming Economic Collapse

      Economy Caught in Depression, Not Recession: Rosenberg

      Climate Change: A Failed Attempt To Establish "Scientific Dictatorship"

    The "climate change" agenda has its origins in genuine environmental concerns, population control, eugenics, and the establishment of a global scientific dictatorship.

      Global Tax Scam Shifts From Climate Change To Poverty

      Global Warming Alarmist Calls For Eco-Gulags To Re-Educate Climate Deniers

      Globalists Plan to Dismantle Middle Class With UN Tax

      Eco-Fascists Call For Tyranny To Enforce Draconian Agenda

      Climate change boss faces heat over 'shoddy' work

      Biofuels emit 400 percent more CO2 than regular fuels

      Climate: New study slashes estimate of icecap loss

      UN climate change panel to be warned over reports

    The United Nation’s climate change organisation faces a warning over how it uses scientific facts in its influential reports, following the discovery of a series of embarrassing errors in its work.

      Climate Realism: Not to Be Denied Any Longer

    Algore's Big Green Climate Change Lies Are Imploding

    Climate Panel Struggles With Media Plan

    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have been sent a letter admonishing them to “keep a distance from the media

      Economic Collapse Leading to Privatized Police and Corporate Mercenaries

      British Government to Seize All Paychecks

    UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First

      Citing Quran-Burning Threat, Islamic Body Wants U.N. to Outlaw ‘Offenses Against Religion’

    Following the uproar over the threatened burning of the Quran by a small Florida church, a leading international Islamic body said Thursday that the United Nations should outlaw “all forms of offense against religions.”

      Russian police raid opposition magazine

      “Crocodile Dundee” Prevented from Departing Australia Until He Pays Tax Bill

      60 Days in Jail for Overgrown Grass in New York State

      Elderly Man's Neck Broken During Confrontation With Cop

      Building sand castles on Florida’s beaches is illegal, feds tell oil-hunting reporter

      Healthy 28-Yr-Old Tasered By Cops Has Heart Attack — When Will Police Stop Using This Lethal Weapon?

      FBI to Scan Fingerprints of Kids at Steelers Game

      Secret Tape Has Police Pressing Ticket Quotas

      Analysis: Taser-related deaths in US accelerating

      After Hurricane Katrina, NOLA cops told to shoot looters

      Deputy constable accused of beating, exposing woman at school, suit says

    Federal lawsuit accuses a Travis County deputy constable of beating a woman and exposing her breast in front of an elementary school with her grandchildren watching.

    Murder a Kid, Plant a Gun — Take a Vacation

    Victor Steen, a 17-year-old high school senior from West Pensacola, Florida, was murdered while riding a bicycle home from a post-Homecoming Game party last October 3rd.  His murderer, Jerald Ard, ran him down in an automobile. According to eyewitnesses, Ard dragged the victim a considerable distance, nearly severing his body in half.

      Police and Military Working Together to Oppress Americans

      Soldiers to Patrol Bars, Restaurants in New York State


    Police Raids On Organic Food Stores

    With no warning one weekday morning, investigators entered an organic grocery with a search warrant and ordered the workers to put down their buckets.

     The Obama administration has asked Britain, Germany, Australia, and other allies to consider criminal charges against Julian Assange for his Afghan war leaks. Philip Shenon reports. 

     Pentagon may apply preemptive warfare policy to the Internet

    Grappling with matters of law and policy governing the United States military’s cyber-warfare capabilities, Pentagon planners are eying ways of making preemptive strikes across the Internet part of America’s toolbox.

      Energy Department Says It Has ‘Mandate’ to Force ‘Market Transformation’ for Household Appliances

    Zoi said that the U.S. Department of Energy has a “mandate” to issue regulations to determine what household appliances are available to Americans in the future.

      Civil Rights Photographer Unmasked as Informer

    Garbage truck cameras to document ‘bad’ recycling behavior

      Homeschoolers Interrogated by Secret Police, Face Imprisonment

      Government Demands Poor Donate Bodies to Medical School

    A previously unenforced law requires bodies being buried with taxpayers’ dollars to be offered for use by medical science.

      Technology Tracks Schoolbus Kids

    A southwest suburban school district has become one of the first in the state to begin using GPS to track schoolchildren riding buses to and from school each day.

      A Two-Tier Internet?

    The Internet as you know it is in serious, serious danger. Some of the most powerful communications companies in the world have been involved in negotiations and have been making agreements that would throw net neutrality out the window and would move us toward a two-tier Internet

      Miller: Big Brother Facebook

      High-tech carts will tell on Cleveland residents who don't recycle ... and they face $100 fine

      Iris Scanners Create the Most Secure City in the World. Welcome, Big Brother

      Young will have to change names to escape 'cyber past' warns Google's Eric Schmidt

    Eric Schmidt suggested that young people should be entitled to change their identity to escape their misspent youth, which is now recorded in excruciating detail on social networking sites such as Facebook.

      Records show feds used ultra-right radio host for years

    For more than five years, Hal Turner of North Bergen lived a double life.

      Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food

      Vending Machines Of The Future

    Your thumbprint might soon be the key to an afternoon candy bar. A Massachusetts based vending machine company is joinng the growing ranks of companies that are field-testing new technologies.

      Proposed Law Would Put Video Cameras In  your Cars

     Sen. DeMint: Ratifying U.N. Children’s Rights Treaty Would Turn Parental Rights ‘Over to International Community’

    Senate ratifies the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the precedent would be set to place parental rights under the jurisdiction of the international community.

      City uses Google Earth to spy on pool permit violators

      Monsanto, Blackwater and GM crop saboteurs

    Agribusiness giant Monsanto, which genetically modifies plants to excude or tolerate pesticide or to produce nonviable seeds, hired the services of the mercenary firm Blackwater to spy on activists, Jeremy Scahill reports. A death-tech firm weds a hit squad.

      Study: Pollination down with bee decline

    A decline in the world’s bee population has been accompanied by a drop in pollination critical to the world’s food supplies, a Canadian researcher says.

    Gates Foundation Invests in Monsanto

      Veterans sue CIA, Army for experiments at Detrick, Edgewood

    A year and a half after a group of veterans sued the CIA, Army and Department of Defense for testing chemicals on troops without consent, the group has asked a judge to penalize the agencies for refusing to cooperate and provide vital records.

      DARPA Wants to Install Transcranial Ultrasonic Mind Control Devices in Soldiers' Helmets

     Russian Scholar Warns Of 'Secret' U.S. Climate Change Weapon

    As Muscovites suffer record high temperatures this summer, a Russian political scientist has claimed the United States may be using climate-change weapons to alter the temperatures and crop yields of Russia and other Central Asian countries.

      Tightened muzzle on scientists is 'Orwellian'

    Documents reveal federal researchers, whose work is financed by taxpayers, need approval from Ottawa before speaking with media

      Cities Increasingly Turn to 'Trash Police' to Enforce Recycling Laws

      Big Pharma Scores Big Win: Medicinal Herbs Will Disappear in EU

    It's almost a done deal. We are about to see herbal preparations disappear, and the ability of herbalists to prescribe them will also be lost.

      The food industry, like Big Pharma, controls the FDA and USDA

      Government set to force OAPs to have pig vaccine with flu jab

    MILLIONS of people will be given a secret swine flu jab by health bosses this winter.

      FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report

      Vitamin D proven far better than vaccines at preventing influenza


      Millions of Chinese oppose mass vaccination plan

      Vaccine-Autism Court Award of $1.5M to Poling Family

    Nine year old girl developed autism after receiving vaccinations for nine diseases during one visit to her doctor.

      India halts HPV vaccine trial after six girls die; U.S. does nothing after 67


      Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures

    Any parent that trusts the government with the health of their child is setting themselves up for catastrophe.

      FDA ignored evidence that CT scans are killing 14,000 Americans a year from cancer

      India halts vaccine programme after the deaths of four children

    The four children were reported to have fainted soon after they were vaccinated and witnesses reported seeing the children’s eyes roll back as they began to have seizures.

      H1N1 Vaccine - Narcolepsy Link Scrutinized

    The National Institute for Health and Welfare is gathering data on a possible link between the H1N1 swine flu vaccine and cases of narcolepsy.

      GMO Crop Sabotage on the Rise: French citizens destroy trial vineyard

      Good Enough For Hitler….Professors To Debate Sterilizing “Mentally and

          Morally Unfit” On BBC Radio

      Minister Calls for Thorough Examination of Possible Link Between H1N1 and Narcolepsy

    However, the Minister said the swine flu vaccination program would continue.

      New study: 85% of Big Pharma's new drugs are "lemons" and pose health risks to users

    New research now shows the problems with Big Pharma’s hugely hyped medications are far worse than most people have even dreamed.

     Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vaccines = Infertility In Humans

    Would you feel comfortable being injected with a vaccine that contains a substance that has been strongly linked to infertility?

      Why Fluoride Should Be Banned From Our Drinking Water

      50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

      9/11 research to be censored from ‘Project Censored’

      O’Reilly Says 9/11 Truth Activists Are Dangerous Radicals

     1,270 Architects/Engineers Reveal Hard Evidence of Explosive Demolition

           at World Trade Center on 9/11

      Building 7 Implosion: The Smoking Gun of 9/11

      The History of Wirt Dexter Walker: Russell & Company, the CIA and 9/11 

      9/11 Truth Billboard in San Luis Obispo

      Top Heavy Metal band Fear Factory Comes Out for 9/11 Truth






      Military Deaths in Afghanistan under Obama Top Those under Bush

      Obama Boasts ‘End of Iraq War’ as Iran War Kicks into High Gear

    In attempt to posture as a man of peace, President Obama has declared the “End of the War in Iraq.” Yet tensions have never been higher in Iran and Afghanistan.

      Wikileaks’ Assange: Pentagon may be behind rape claims

    Dr David Kelly was on a hitlist, says UN weapons expert as calls grow for

           full inquest

    A leading UN weapons inspector last night added his voice to the growing clamour for a full inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly. Dr Richard Spertzel claimed Dr Kelly was on a 'hitlist' in the final years of his life

      Roald Dahl was a real-life James Bond style spy, new book reveals

      Karachi riots leave 45 dead after MP assassinated

    Gunmen swarm Pakistani city's streets seeking revenge after politician Raza Haider killed in gangland-style hit

      1000 Venezuelan Troops Sent to Border

    Sarkozy Accused of Working for Israeli Intelligence

    Are U.S. Taxpayers Funding Empire Building With Costa Rica?

    Israel Takes Control of Lebanon

    Bancor: The Name Of The Global Currency That A Shocking IMF Report Is


    A newly published IMF strategy document calls for the implementation of a global currency, called the “bancor”, to stabilise the international monetary system.

      Food stamp use hit record 40.8m in May

            Comment: The modern day bread line !!

     CNN: Opposition to Government, Bankers is Criminal

      Ron Paul-Let the Housing Market Normalize! essman

      Is Our Money Based on Debt?

      10 Signs The U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country

      Are You Ready For How Bad It Will Get?

      China Favors Euro Over Dollar as Bernanke Alters Path

      Report: Food Prices Already Starting to Skyrocket

      Brain Eating Vaccines: The Reality Behind The “Conspiracy Theory”

      Army plans ‘DNA-blasting’ vaccines for mass innoculations during times of


     Scientific Study Finds 40% Of All Store Receipts Covered In Dangerous

            Hormone- Disrupting Chemical

      New York Times and Other Media Pushing for Drugging Water Supply

      Airport Scanner Radiation Underestimated

    Scientists are warning that the radiation emitted from full-body airport scanners has been seriously underestimated and could lead to an increase in skin cancer.

      Oxford professor calls for drugging water supply

    Oxford professor Julian Savulescu says fluoridation demonstrates how populations of the future could be mass-medicated through pharmacological ‘cognitive enhancements’ added to the water supply.

      7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned

    The billionaire boys: Beware of geeks bearing gifts

    Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and the world’s richest men are giving half their fortunes to charity – but there is a downside, says William Langley.

      My duty is to save the world: Prince Charles believes he was born for

            a purpose

      Axe falls on NHS services

    NHS bosses have drawn up secret plans for sweeping cuts to services, with restrictions on the most basic treatments for the sick and injured.

      One must take shorter showers, says Charles: Prince urges British

           families to 'snub the bathtub'

      Spain investigates Google Street View wi-fi snooping

    Spain has become the latest country to launch an investigation into the collection of sensitive wi-fi data by Google.

      600,000 Workers Drop Dead Every Year From Overwork In China’s


      Greece will be a war zone, Sect of Revolutionaries warns tourists

      Shadowy Spy Group Building Dossiers On Internet Users For Feds

    An organization that tracks 250 million IP addresses a day has been developing portfolios on Internet users as the latest incarnation of the Total Information Awareness spy program is revealed.

      ‘Minority Report’ Ad Billboards To Address Consumers By Name

      Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring

    The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time — and says it uses that information to predict the future.

      Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims

            ownership over our water

      Grim Tidings From the Netherlands: Prince Bernhard’s Grandchildren

            Continue Bilderberg Legacy



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