May I just say that this isn't Ireland we live in anymore. This is Europe!  When

 80+% of our laws are now European laws this is no longer a republic.

Our Sovereignty has been handed up to the globalist elite

 and disguised as economic progress. For years now, traitors

  to our sovereign republic, have been secretly meeting with

the most powerful people in the globalist conspiracy

 (see    Bilderberg Ireland).


 Ever increasing is the evidence that the E.U. is now Irelands foreign rule,

 the I.M.F.  are threatening to swoop in and take control of our monetary

 system and our tax money is being stolen by our puppet government and

 handed out to their banking and corporate masters through

N.A.M.A. and the bailouts. Of coarse cheered and pushed all the way

 by every other party in the now, illegitimate Dáil. The Majority of Irish

 people are against this of coarse. The majority of the Irish people are

against the use of Shannon by the U.S. for illegal wars. The majority of us

 are against the raping of our national resources by shell. The majority of us are

 against the destruction of the Tara hill. Our farmers are being taxed and

 regulated by the E.U. to the point that they are being paid

grants, "NOT" to farm.  Major corporations like "Tesco"

and "Lidl" are wiping out our local economies (And just you wait until

 they have the monopoly. We'll see how "cheap and cheerful"

 they are then!). Nobody wants the cuts being made and the

 legacy of the supposed "Celtic Tiger" (Now clearly exposed for what

it was. A mere debt bubble. hailed by "Bertie" as one of his greatest

 triumphs. YEAH!) is a 3rd world health system, sub standard roads,

 schools crumbling and millions of our tax money flushed down a toilet.


 When are we going to realise that we are not being represented in

this country? We have absolutely no say. Yet the people of Ireland

will foolishly believe that a Fine Gael/Labour magic wand will make

 it all better for us. "HORSESHIT" . . . . Again "The Dáil is now Irrelevant

 and illegitimate" and nobody wants to talk about it. Sinn Féin seem

 to be the only ones out there making any sort of sense.  Most others

seem preoccupied with  serving themselves , serving their corporate

masters or the politics in the north. All the while

 foreign rule has made a reappearance to this Island. I mean Am

 I living in the Feckin twilight zone or something?


 With the ever increasing evidence of evidence of British involvement in the

 bombings and troubles in the north, is it any wonder the Irish flag

 has been reddened , scorned and looked upon by it's people as

 something dirty? Is it beyond the realms of possibility that the

 IRA have been infiltrated around about, oh, I don't know,

 the early 70's, when IRA bombs seemed to change from blowing

up buildings with prior warnings to blowing up buildings with ignored

 Warnings? I mean It's a no brainier when you think about it. Handbook 101:

 How to kill a political movement. Infiltrate them carry out atrocities in their

 name, turn their own people against them and beat them senseless

on the political chess board. More and more republicans across the

 country are seeing the politics in the north for what they are.

The normalisation of British rule on this island. I guess for if, and when, the

 E.U. falls.


 Politicians in this country are so far removed from reality, and

 the commonpeople, that this is starting to get ridiculous. No

 party seems to be working for the people. They all sprout the

 same bullshit and subscribe to practicallythe same policies. We

need a real change. It is not going to come from the Dáil. It is in

the mirror. We need rid on the same old tired establishment

 from Leinster houseand you are the answer. We need to become

 the change in this country. Vote for independents that you

 believe in, run for office yourself or even start a new party. Get active

and get involved or we truly will get the government we deserve.

 Moreover, I cannot fathom how on gods great earth, my fellow

 countrymen cannot see the absolute antidemocratic and

 totalitarian European constitution. A European constitution that is about to

 eradicate the heroes of our past, our rebellion against tyranny,

 the Irish constitution and the ability to govern our own country

 as was the intention of the scholars and authors, of, our constitution.

 Our Independence has truly been short lived.

 Our heroes have been erased from history, by the vote

 of the very people and culture they have fought and died for.

The Lisbon treaty will go down in history with a glorious Definition,

only to serve the books of the victorious, and their self flattering

 scriptures. As they are not only about to win a victory over me

you and our countrymen. They are about to win a victory over the

European people, that have, in true "democratic" fashion, not even been

 granted the absurd possibility of having a vote on such a major step for our



 And don't give me the guff about Irish Nationalism being an old concept

 and the impending world government is the "Natural way forward for

 humanity". The world is about to learn a serious lesson

 in how big governments go bad. Our forefathers understood this

 concept as did many across the world, notably the USA. That is why

 we "HAD" a constitution in this country and why we should fight for it

back and improve it Maybe.


Don't anyone out there accuse me of racism. This Island is

open to all colours and races and it is a beautiful thing. As a

 group of people / Irish citizens we need to fight our corner in the

 world and with the help and experience of other cultures, we might just

save our own. Don't mistake the fight for Irish culture, for racism

 either, because it simply is not. Some people are racist, a lot are

 not. It's that simple. As for the immigration issue? The globalist minded

 are so weak of argument or intellect that the race accusation is all they

 can come up with. Again we are a group of people trying to sensibly work

 it better for all that step foot on this land. An economy and eco

 system is something to be sensibly taken care of, as are the people and

 asylum seekers landing here. I don't know the answer to the immigration

 issue. The island doesn't seem like it is going to tip over at any given

 moment and in times of recession we could certainly do with a few more

 working to sustain themselves and others. What we definitely

 need is a proper screening of immigrants  and any criminal background

 they might have. Shame on us by the way that most immigrants have

 been exploited in the way they have been and y'all know what I'm

 talking about. It wasn't just the government  and corporations

exploiting them for cheaper wages!


 Major global issues are threatening our way of life here in Ireland.

 Our rights and liberties are increasingly being eroded in the

 name of fighting the ever questionable "War on Terror" and the now

obvious bullshit  global warming fraud.


I say enough is enough. Now stand up!!


           Help in the fight for truth and justice by visiting some of my

                          on-line Irish friends and their websites

                                                              (Click here. . )











             Bilderberg Ireland ??


        Click Here and see Irelands involvement in this elitist group.....






                                    Latest News

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Democracy sinks to keep federalist fantasy afloat

Are we still so angry and disillusioned at politicians and bankers that we've become blinded to the potentially greater danger of allowing a superficially benign Franco-German dictatorship in by the back door?

Barrister urges mortgage holders to take a stand against the banks

A LEADING barrister has issued a rallying cry to struggling mortgage holders to come together in a national movement to smash the 'divide and conquer' tactics of Irish financial institutions.




Irish Assembly plans 'own police force' with investigators who can raid homes and businesses

The Irish Assembly is planning to create their own private force of investigators with the power to search homes and businesses, seize documents, computers and material – and have you arrested if you try to resist.

Airport staff to trial body scanner

A full-body scanner is to be used on staff at Dublin Airport under plans to test the controversial security equipment.

Joan Burton: make child benefit payments dependent on receiving vaccinations

News of the World man worked for Met while editor of Irish paper

A former Dublin-based News of the World journalist was carrying out potentially sensitive work for Scotland Yard while employed by the paper, it was disclosed last night.

David McWilliams: ECB is happy to let Irish banks go bust by stealth

Stop this planet, I want to get the off!(Pissed Rant)

By Elizabeth Rigney, –

Ok, so The U.S. are now actively bombing, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya,
Yemen, and some parts of Pakistan. Make no mistake that Syria and
others are next in their crosshairs too… Never mind the allies that
have now been thrown into the mix,

“Hands off our mothers and their unborn babies Mr. Commissioner”, says Mothers Alliance Ireland.Press Release – 14th June 2011 Mothers Alliance Ireland, has to-day called on Council of Europe Commissioner Hammarberg to get his hands off Irish mothers and their unborn babies, and to respect the democratic decisions of the Irish people on abortion.  MAI has also called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to honour his pre-election promise not [...]

Face-recognition technology to monitor school attendance

Horse traders threaten to block city over clampdown

UN Committee Against Torture Tells the Irish Government to Investigate the State's Role in Renditions

WikiLeaks: How the USA got access to Ireland’s secrets

The United States is routinely given access to sensitive information by the highest levels of the Irish government through an extensive network of official – but highly confidential – contacts.

American officials count government ministers, senior civil servants and top diplomats among “confidential” sources, leaked US embassy cables reveal.

 Did You Know? If You Own or Run a Business, You do NOT Have to Pay Rates!!!

By Des Just to let you ALL know … WE here at the Common LAW Society have been studying and researching a little known and even less widely practiced LAW; called Contract LAW, or the LAW of Contract.

Wikileaks Ireland Cables: Time for Government Action

WikiLeaks: US Pressure for Irish troops and gardai help in Afghanistan

The US put intense pressure on the Irish government to sanction a bigger role for the Republic's troops or gardai in Afghanistan, leaked secret papers reveal.

Herbal remedies risk removal from shelves

Eurogroup chief: 'I'm for secret, dark debates'

‘Saint Bono’ the anti-poverty campaigner facing huge Glastonbury protest – for avoiding tax

By George Arbuthnot Mail Online He is the rock legend dubbed ‘Saint Bono’ for his long-running campaign against global poverty. But when Bono’s band U2 perform at Glastonbury later this month, protesters are planning to accuse them of avoiding taxes which could have helped exactly the sort of people the singer cares about so dearly

The HSE are trying to overrule parents rights

Ireland to bring GM crops onto home market

 Messrs Kenny and Obama - Stop Making Deals over Shannon without the Irish People's Consent

  Shannon, the US Military and the Irish Constitution

Shannonwatch Recommendations to the Universal Periodic Review of Ireland's Human Rights Record







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Limerick send off for Freedom Flotilla 2 Stay Human, Irish Ship to Gaza


 Fluoride Is Good For You :)  -  Luke Rudkowski

Ireland is Not For Sale! Glen Hansard of ‘The Commitments’ speaks out  

           to save our Native Forests

Hotspots with Max Keiser – Ireland



Russia Today: Jim Corr: 'Top-down engineered financial crash

            designed to take over Europe'


Jim Corr interveiw as 100,000 gather in Dublin

  Pearse Budget Speech - first ten minutes


           RADIO SHOW – 10.11.10 : Infowars Ireland

  Merrion Row Clashes - Dublin November 3rd 2010 HD

  Gerald Celente: Banks robbing the people 

 We are Change Ireland welcome Scumbag Rockefeller to Dublin
















   Wise Up Journal - END OF NATIONS

EU Takeover - the Lisbon Treaty                      

  This video details how the structures of the EU really operate, what the full significance of the Lisbon Treaty is and how it is the end of Nations within in the EU. MEPs describe their experience in Brussels and how they are undermined by the real power of the unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats who run the organization. How the politicians are working together for their own selfish needs while being used for a bigger agenda.

Watch Now   (Google Video)        Torrent:    Click here to download   




"Kevin Fulton"   BBC Hardtalk – "Kevin Fulton"

 Very intense interview where  Stephen Sackur talks to a former British Army agent in the IRA. How British intelligence had collusion in Omagh bombing  in Northern Ireland - agents

"Kevin Fulton" reveals how far the infiltration  went , F.B.I  involvments and how the intelligence

services would allow acts of terrorism to go ahead,          stream real player


         Northern Ireland: Allegations of British collusion in Omagh



             Martin Ingram and Michael Gallagher on Alex Jones

                        show talking about Omagh Bomb












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TNS RADIO is a web based internet radio that allows for the exploration of ideas and information that you may find empowering.




As everyone knows all too well, the world is undergoing a crippling financial meltdown as a direct result of the actions of financial institutions, specifically the criminal actions of banks. Caught in the fallout of all this are the ordinary people who are being squeezed for every penny they have, driven out of their homes and forced to work longer and harder for less while banks hold their futures to ransom. But what can you do? That's just the way it goes right? 






 Freedom Ireland is a project for individuals that believe that real lasting freedom and happiness can only be achieved through reason, virtue and truth.

 Our philosophy is based on the principal of Non- Aggression. The topics discussed range from self knowledge to economics to achieving a free society.

 We hope to encourage a culture of curiosity, empathy and respect on the discussion board.

 Overall we hope to make every step toward a free society a pleasure to walk and we want to enjoy and have fun in the process!




Welcome to EndTheMatrix.Com,

Many things are not what they seem.

This site hopes to answer some of your questions.

A clear cycle in the social evolution of humans is documented.

Look to the left and see if you know where you are?



This publication came about as a direct result of my personal need to get full and final closure on matters concerning the BANK OF IRELAND / ICS Building Society. The matters date back not just to my own recent history and involvement with the BANK OF IRELAND / ICS Building Society, they date back to my Mother and Father’s time and to my Grandfather’s and Grandmother’s time. The BANK OF IRELAND have directly and adversely affected the three generations of family known to me. From this point, the adversity stops. They will have no more affect on future generations of my family, or on any other families in this, the Sovereign Republic of Eire.


 Download The Free Book:

 Bank of Ireland – This Way out  "right click save target /link as"     




 Wise Up Journal provides an alternative media centre for Ireland, a place where controversial* Irish documentaries and stories get published and made (*when truth is controversial, we’re living in a society entirely controlled by

corruption). We also cover important news from around the world to give a big picture overview of major issues affecting all of us.



 This website speaks for it 'self really. Check this out!!




 Irishmen and Irishwomen!

Read this site and weep.  Weep for the agonies and deaths of your people at the hands of genocidists.  The authorities who imposed the curriculum, the teachers and professors who funneled it into you, have carefully kept you uninformed as to which British regiment, or that any regiment, murdered your people.  Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it.  You do now - you read it on your computer screen!  Commit the regiment's name to memory.



 Infowars Ireland is a grassroots organization comprised of members from all over Ireland. Our purpose is to expose the fraud of the left/right political paradigm as it exists internationally and reveal that the world truly functions on a top/down hierarchy that threatens to destroy free society as we know it. We work to educate, motivate, and activate those striving to uncover the truth behind the private banking cartel and the military industrial complex that is running rampant in the U.S.A. and internationally. We expose those seeking to eliminate national sovereignty and replace it with a “one world order”



 Refuseresist.net is an Irish based Bible Believing Christian New World Order media and research website dedicated to educating the masses about the truth of the world around them.



 Shell to Sea :  Our Gas Our National Interest

Shell to Sea is an international non violent campaign, rooted in the Erris community. We seek to ensure the proposed Corrib gas terminal and pipeline are constructed offshore, as is best practice. In doing so we seek to highlight the negligent environmental, health, safety, planning and economic consequences of this government backed plan. We are not the property

of any party or movement and we disassociate ourselves from negative campaigning and tactics that many media outlets have attempted to associate us with. We have been campaigning for several years and continue to face intimidation, slander and significant hardship as a result. However, we are growing in strength, numbers and confidence. We will remain peaceful, committed and determined in the coming days, weeks months - and years if necessary


   911 TruthSeekers Of Ireland

 The 911 TruthSeekers of Ireland© is a group of friends in Ireland that believe that there is more about 911 to what meets the eye and that the 911 commission report was not a proper report as in they forgot to mention the collapse of building 7. So if your interested in joining our group just contact the head of the 911 TruthSeekers of Ireland Cian McNamara Our

E-Mail address : 911truthseekersofireland@gmail.com


   Irish Campaign For Fluoride Free Water 

 Fluoride Free Water (FFW) formed on 16/9/99. We are a citizens’ group demanding an end to water fluoridation in Ireland. Alarmed at the increasing, worldwide, scientific studies showing health damage from fluoridation we publicly launched our group on 19/10/99.



 The GM-free Ireland Network is an association of individuals and organisations collaborating to keep the island of Ireland off-limits to the environmental release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) including viruses, algae,

bacteria, seeds, crops, trees, insects, molluscs, crustaceans, fish, poultry and livestock. GM crops can not "co-exist" with conventional and organic agriculture, and would contaminate our ecosystem and food chain in perpetuity if introduced on this island. We support farmers' rights to a sustainable future and consumers' rights to chose safe GM-free food.



 The main objective of this site is primarily to raise awareness of what the Lisbon treaty actually is and how it will affect our lives, also to provide information and links regarding the Constitution of Ireland and the freedoms and rights it gives us. The aim is to clearly show how important it is for us to know what is really at stake if the Lisbon Treaty were ever imposed on us, a death blow to the Constitution of Ireland. The Irish Constitution is being totally ignored and disregarded by the mainstream media, corrupt education, government deception and the legal system, Consequently we have on our hands a generation of good Irish people who do not even know what the Irish Constitution is, let alone what their Constitutional rights are. Be under no illusion, this is exactly what your government wants, and for very sinister reasons. 



The Irish chapter of We Are Change is the latest extention of the WAC movement originally set up by We Are Change NYC. Our goal is to educate the public, specifically the people of Ireland, on issues that are generally not covered by the mainstream media.



 The sovereign independent. A great research tool for everything to do with the Lisbon treaty.














 Flyer For Irish Troopers! .... Flyer

                 Thanx to Danny for the input!


 Also Download:  E-Mail Contact list for T'D's  And The Media in Ireland.

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  BLOOD IN THE STREETS! Bank Bailout Protesters Storm

          Ireland's Parliament (WATCH)

  Dublin City Council Announces Covert Police State

  Jim Corr on The Saturday Night Show - Full Length

  Nigel Farage harangues EU President Herman van Rompuy

   Sinéad O'Connor-Famine



  Irsko a Česká republika se sjednotili na ochranu v celé EU

           demokracie - Part 1

Solidarity with President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic - The Lisbon Treaty - Dublin

              Part 2

  Ray D'Arcy show 27 November

From  Colm J. Carrigg on Facebook:

I heard something on the Ray D'Arcy show this morning that everyone NEEDS to hear in this country. Please follow the link on this post and please listen to what is being read out! 'Majella's email':

http://audioserver.todayfm.com/audio/majellaemail.mp3 . It will only take 6 minutes of your time. Please pass this link on to others.

  Gardai arrest a man for sitting on public park grass

  Nigel Farage reprimanded for criticising new EU foreign  


  Under Lisbon: Citizenship of a New Federal State (Video)

  Exclusive Video Interview With Jim Corr - The Lisbon Treaty

  Nigel Farage: Irish Referendum kickstarts real EU debate

  Alex Jones & WeAreChange Ireland - IRA - EU Treaty

Alex Jones - MSM Lies About We Are Change Ireland

 The Lisbon Treaty 2 Resurrection Referendum Ratification

  Progressive Democrats - RasTinny & Cian (Intinn)

  One World China Rally Swamps Dublin City

  Wild EU Federalist Contempt For The Electorate

  Sarkozy Comes To Dublin - Tyranny On The Street  

  Mass Medication of Ireland (Video Clip)

  Aftershock in European Parliament (video clip)

  Ireland Says NO To Lisbon Treaty!

             And here are some words of thanks from your fellow Europeans

              Britain:  Lisbon Treaty Ireland says NO

           Netherlands:  People from Ireland thanks for your NO vote (LISBON


           Germany: Ireland voted NO to the Lisbon treaty - thank you!

           Poland: Ireland said NO to lisbon treaty, Thank U Irladio


           Sweden: Thank you Ireland for having saved our nation states today!

  Our last chance. Ireland, Say NO to Lisbon Treaty

  Vote No to Lisbon treaty

  Ireland: Vote NO to Lisbon!

  Lisbon Treaty 101: Why Ireland should VOTE NO on June 12th

  evj4 - Lisbon Treaty - Faces of the Irish No Campaign


  Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty and STOP their plans!!

  The Lisbon Treaty is a Fascist Conspiracy

  New EU - Irish Amendment Bill for the EU Lisbon Treaty (video)

  Ireland's call - Vote no to Lisbon

  End of Nations - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (trailer 2)

  Message to the Irish People

  Policing the Pollution in Mayo Co., Ireland


   MEP Exposes The EU Lisbon Treaty!!!

              We Are Change Ireland video of MEP exposing the lies and manipulations of the EU


                 Wise Up Journal

  Jonathan Rhys Myers protest M3 motorway Hill of Tara Ireland

 Johnathan Rhys Meyers recently went to protest on the Hill of Tara, Ireland, against the damage being done by the construciton of the M3 motorway. Check out the video and help us raise our profile by adding to favorites and forwarding this mail.

           For more information please visit ........   TaraWatch


    Loose Change Interview with We Are Change Ireland

    Alex Jones & We Are Change Ireland - part 1

   Alex Jones & We Are Change Ireland - part 2

   Michael Tsarion Irish Interview with Wise Up Journal & We Are

            Change Ireland

Michael Tsarion discuses a variety of topics which include Irish Origins of Civilization, Symbolism of the Irish  Flag, St. Patrick, New World Order, 9/11, psychology of the Elite, solutions to their problems and much more... 


  How Shell's police treat people in Ireland


    Ireland and the New World Order Trailer

                A clip from the upcoming notebooks documentary "Ireland and the .

                New World Order"

                                      Notebook productions


 Martin Ingram and Michael Gallagher on Alex Jones

           show talking about Omagh Bomb

            Another British op?

  Shell To Sea Protest (Nov 10 2006) - Gard Baton Charge

  Stop your pushin'

 Shell in Mayo: A New Nigeria?

 The Tara Conspiracy

  Gardai beatings - reclaim the streets dublin

  Irish cops punch female student

 Police State Ireland





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